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Timeout Needed


I truly believe we should be able to give life a timeout if so deserved. I need one from being an adult.

So if you need me, I will be in my blanket fort, coloring. I promise to willingly retreat to my room for nap when the clock strikes 12. Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of a Child

The following conversation just happened:

Search: <singing> ITSY SPIDER! ITSY SPIDER

Me: Oh! Are we singing Itsy Bitsy Spider? <I start singing.>

Destroy: No, mommy. Continue reading


Oh Brother

Tomorrow my baby brother is getting married.

A year and a half ago he called me; I answered from my hospital bed. “Don’t freak out. But I have something to share.” (For those interested, never a good idea to request a bedridden, hospitalized, highly hormonal pregnant mother of multiples to not “freak out.” It’s not going to go your way.) Continue reading

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Splashin’ Summertime Fun

In the days of my youth, once the final school bell rang for summer, my days were spent in the pool. Continue reading