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Things Explode When You Keep Toddlers Up Way Past Bedtime (or Fourth of July Fireworks)


Fireworks had the potential to start long before dark. The fourth of July is my parents wedding anniversary. 2013 marks 35 years.

And over this long holiday weekend, the muppets and I decided to grandmother’s house we go. Actually, we made the trek to the San Bernardino Mountains for some lake patrol fun in the sun. My family has been coming here for years – it was one of G.G’s favorite places as a little girl, and GrammaJ and Papa have had the mountain house since I was about 7. Continue reading

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Energy of Little Monsters


June 21, 2013

Victoria Gross
Monsters University

Dear President Gross: Continue reading


Nemo. He’s What’s for Dinner


So either our boys aren’t picky eaters or we need to be paying more attention to their social skills. The following was the dinner conversation on Tuesday night.

In either case, we’ll be waiting by the phone for our Parents of the Year accolades. And not likely adopting a goldfish anytime soon. Continue reading


Baseball Heroes (kind of)

Vegas Baseball

I like baseball. This may be genetic.

The day the muppets were born, my mom sent me a note that she knew the boys would okay. Because they were born on the 28 – the number of former Dodger Wes Parker. Continue reading

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Shovels and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


While much of the country has been digging out from beneath Nemo, the frigid sub-70 degree freeze over Northern California finally lifted.

So we headed outdoors to get our hands dirty. (Because you need to give toddlers an excuse for that…) Continue reading


Tiny Inspiration


I’ve been blogging for three years. Be impressed.

Because what started on a whim because a friend announced their own blog has become a project unto itself. Even I don’t know where it’s going – I never have. (I certainly never planned to be a preemie twin mommy blogger.)

Someone recently asked me, “Will you stop blogging now that the boys have outgrown prematurity?” Continue reading


How Do You Do It?


I get this question a lot. The truth is I have no idea. We don’t know anything other than energy-intensive twin boys. JUST DO IT! <Nike swoosh. ©>

However, this response typically elicits a sympathetic pity smile.

So. The reality: Continue reading


Swimmin’ With the Fishies


The first full weekend after the holiday break was upon us. After an interminable Saturday morning spent entirely indoors, I looked over at Jon and inquired, “What are we doing tomorrow? Because we’re not staying here.”

This morning we awoke to the dreary drizzly gloom of a winter rain. So our natural inclination was to pack up the boys and head south to (not-even-a-little) sunny Monterey for an excursion to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Continue reading


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (a modern retelling)

Christmas Tree

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
All the creatures were stirring – likely including a mouse.
(Or rather a rat, but with traps he wouldn’t have a very merry Christmas moment.
Bah Humbug rodent!) Continue reading


The Need to Jump


This was the final week of the winter session’s gymnastics class. (NASTICS!)

We’ll be going back next round. Because Destroy is a big fan. Search seems like he could take it or leave it. (The ever adorable Coach Teresa deemed Search “a good listener” and Destroy “very enthusiastic.” Yeah, I can read between the lines too.) But where else could Destroy hurl himself off raised beams and yell, “Mommy! I’m up high!”

Oh right. At home. Continue reading