Nemo. He’s What’s for Dinner


So either our boys aren’t picky eaters or we need to be paying more attention to their social skills. The following was the dinner conversation on Tuesday night.

In either case, we’ll be waiting by the phone for our Parents of the Year accolades. And not likely adopting a goldfish anytime soon.

Search: I don’t want fish for dinner.

Me: Ok, you can have snapper.

Jon: I already tried that.

Search: I need a sammich. I need you make a peanut butter sammich now.

Me: We’re having fish.

Destroy: I don’t like brocki. I need it put away.

Search: I like it. I eat all mine. I eated Destroy’s brocki, too.

Jon: Eat some fish.

Search and Destroy: No.

Jon: It’s Nemo. Don’t you want to eat Nemo?

Destroy: It’s Nemo?

Jon: Yes.

<Muppets suddenly start scarfing dinner>

Jon: <looking at me> Admit it. You thought that was a dumb idea. I saw that look in your eyes. But it worked didn’t it?

Search: I’m eating Nemo!

Jon: Good little carnivores. Remember – fish are food, not friends.

Search: No Daddy, they’re friends.

Destroy: Can I watch Nemo on the TV?

Jon: No, you didn’t nap so there’s no Nemo on TV.

Search: But we ate Nemo.

Jon: See, a lesser kid would have freaked out over that.

Me: Some lesson. Sleep with the fishies or we eat them.

Fish Dinner

And apparently there will be grilled cookies for dessert.

And apparently there will be grilled cookies for dessert.



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2 Responses to Nemo. He’s What’s for Dinner

  1. Joanne Hamann

    Thanks – that made me laugh!

  2. Jon

    And the dad of the year award goes to . . .

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