Boys will be Boys

Well, another apocalypse has come and gone. I do believe the May 21, 2011 Judgement Day was Pastor Crazypants’s third attempt at salvation (the first two predictions fizzled in 1988 and 1994). My theory on why this prediction got so much reaction is due to the cult’s group’s massive advertising endeavor. For the past few months, there were more Rapture billboards than Starbucks in the Bay Area.

Pastor Crackpot blamed a miscalculation on the 1994 ETA for the four horsemen. But this time, he stated unequivocally “there was no chance the rapture would not occur.” So this morning, I wondered – what if he was right? I woke up to the laughter of the muppets babbling to one another. We went for a walk around our neighborhood in the morning sunshine. The weather was a balmy 70 degrees, with a slight breeze kicking up the sweet spring scent of jasmine. Seemed kind of like heaven…

But later I went to Costco. That snapped me back to reality.

Today’s trip to Costco was in preparation for the muppets’ birthday party next week. As we stocked up on barbeque items, I realized that I’ll likely be spending a lot more time in that particular establishment as the boys grow older.

Two boys – already almost one.

This past week we explored the outdoors. Jon took the boys to an outing at the park. It didn’t last long – Search became completely preoccupied with eating the park. When Dad denied him this indulgence, we had our first tantrum.

We also had another family photoshoot. Keary Dee, the photographer who shot the muppets when they first came home from the hospital, took another round for the posterity of their first year milestone. We went out to a field. Below is the first sneak peek – hopefully there are a lot more fabulous ones. A significant portion of time was trying to convince the boys not to eat dirt.

Search continues to be adventurous. His latest discovery is gravity. What goes up, must come down. As he climbs, so he falls. Earlier this week, he thwacked his cute little nose on something; the following day he scratched off his scab. Jon got to wrangle a squirming monkey in the attempt to clean the blood from his face – but realistically merely smearing the blood into a modern art caricature on the canvas of his face.

Blood and dirt. I am the mom of boys all right…



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  1. Joan T

    Oh. My. Goodness!! I can’t believe this – it’s Joan (and Jim) from San Jose (now in Boston). Congratulations on your gorgeous Muppets! So glad to hear that Coop hasn’t changed a bit and is still providing joy and entertainment. Give him a hug for us!!

  2. Winifred Ahern

    Tantrum in the Park!! How fun!! Of course, boys prefer grass and dirt to their usual “Gerber diet” — And, Cooper must be feeling “warm and fuzzy” to have “doggie” the first word — I was sure it would be “Kitchen” both dogs do respond to that. The pix, as always, are precious. G.G.

  3. Joanne Hamann

    Yum, yum!

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