Wineconed Wednesday – Wizards Duel Edition

Are you reading A Nervous Tic Motion Yet? You should be. I write a weekly column there – Wineconed Wednesdays. You know you want to throw some. And I would really love for you to join in!

“Madam, I have not disappeared. I am very tiny. I am a germ. A rare disease. I am called malignalitaloptereosis… and you’ve caught me, Mim!” – Sword in the Stone

You know, as long as we’re on the topic of wizards…

So we’re clear.

Well, my toddler learned to share this week. Unfortunately, it was the stomach flu. So that sucked.

Due to the aforementioned germs, we’re heavy on the graphics this week. In related news, my bathroom tile floor really does have a pretty pattern when examined at close range for an extended period of time.

Graph created by MommyShorts

A winecone to germs. Big fabulous antibiotical, germ killing, make you feel better winecones.


My ENT dr. stuck gobs of antibiotic ointment up my nose & it’s leaking. At least it wasn’t up my ass. The last thing I need is a leaky ass.

Editor’s note: Well this is a first. You’ve left this editor speechless. A toilet paper winecone perhaps? Or how about just a simple sinus winecone. Join our germ killing winecone party.


Social media. The whole point of this new technology is to be social. So a confounded winecone at the blogging platforms that won’t actually let anyone comment.

Editor’s note: That drives me bonkers. Well, technology in general. But for the record, if you ever try to virtually contact me and the gizmo or gadget du jour tells you to eff off via a blank page or mocking capcha – go ahead and winecone me.

As a born and bred California girl, I’ve gotta give MAJOR smakaroos to the gorgeous 80 degree weather down in LA this past weekend. The workday gets infinitely better when you’re writing reports poolside.

Also, serious props and kisses to all of you reading this. Especially those of you getting in on the game and sharing. I still get all butterfly giddy when I see comments. And I won’t lie – I do a happy dance when I see someone’s shared.

‘Till next week, winecones and kisses!

*Leave your Winecones in the comments or email us at and we’ll add yours next week!


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