Social Security: Update #3

Remember back when we were forced to deal with Social Security? I said they were a circus. I stand by my claim.

Let’s review. (Trust me, you’ll want to catch up – if only for the humor of the situation. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Annnd, two years later – we’re back in the game! Where did we last leave off? Ah yes.

“The epitome of inefficiency.”

Social security is still stalking me. Recap. The muppets received social security benefits for three months. (If you reread the rants above, you’d already know this. Just sayin’…)

Now. For the record, we did not request this money. We did not even want this money. But we were not given a choice; they held social security numbers hostage over two ounces. Seriously. (And before you start trying to occupy my house with claims that I’m the 1% because I don’t want government money – let me assure you that it wasn’t NEARLY enough to deal with BS red tape. This kind of ridiculousness needs at least six figures before I go skipping down a yellow brick road.)

Approximately every other month Social Security sends the boys (care of payee me) a demanding letter that, quite frankly, isn’t very nice. Demanding, DEMANDING that we fill out a form declaring how the money was allocated or they will CEASE BENEFITS.

I know what you’re thinking. “What? I thought the muppets only received benefits when they were tiny babies in the NICU. Aren’t they in college now?”

You are almost correct. For the past 18 months (including me personally taking an uncashed check back to their dull metallic grey offices) the muppets have received benefits of a total sum $0. ZERO DOLLARS.

So you will be shocked when I tell you that approximately every other month I open the OFFICIAL CORRESPONDANCE, think thoughts that, quite frankly, aren’t very nice, and then tear up the oh-so-clever use of taxpayer funds demanding I provide diaper proof-of-purchase for the money they are not paying.

Today “Andrew” called me. The following is a transcript of the call. I am not making this up.

Andrew: Hi. This is Andrew. I am calling from Social Security. We need you to fill out a form.
Me: We haven’t received any benefits since 2010.
Andrew: We need you to fill out a form or you will no longer be eligible to receive supplementary benefits.
Me: We don’t receive benefits.
Andrew: That is why we need you to fill out the form.
Me: No. We’re not eligible. We don’t get benefits from Social Security.
Andrew: So you already filled out the form?

Mind. Blown.

I don’t think Andrew fully understood my point. (And I don’t even want to think what happens if an internal employee forgets to turn in their TPS report.)

In conclusion:

  1. If you force me to take money, you shouldn’t be allowed to decree how it’s spent. (And yes, I get this was for the children. Not my point. Direct your anger elsewhere.)
  2. I don’t do forms for $0.
  3. Our society is doomed.



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  1. Our govt drives me nuts. It may be the best in the world, but that just means the rest of the world’s governments are primordial ooze (good already taken band name btw).

    Doomed we are…

  2. We put up with them for 5 years because we needed the Medicaid that came along with it (my first was 560g and we made barely under the cutoff, so she got the insurance.) We now don’t qualify at all, and dropping them has been a PAIN IN THE REAR. I feel for you.

  3. Jon

    I’d like to refer to Joanne’s comment from September 15th, “I simply cannot believe it – I bet they’ll be calling until the boys graduate college!”

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