Today is a New Day

New Years

The years continue to turn. The days continue to pass. Time seems to slip away more quickly. And now we’re here in 2013.

The new year is a time of promises and change. I’ll lose weight, I’ll get rich, I’ll be better. Long before bloggers searched out time-applicable topics, folks were making lists of what they were going to accomplish in this particular cutout of the calendar.

Did we learn nothing from the Myans?!

Time doesn’t end just because the calendar runs out of pages. My goals are the same today as they were before I had to go back and rewrite the date on all of my documents.

Search and Destroy aim to, well, search out and destroy all the things. (All in the name of avoiding bedtime, of course). As their parent, I aim to simply continue molding them into productive citizens of tomorrow. This point is becoming more relevant as they seem to be growing up before my very eyes. (Yes, I know this is an obvious statement, since they are doing precisely that – but you get my point.)

The stories in this here blog are no longer about babies; they are about little boys discovering the world around them.

In 2012:

My goal in 2013 is to do better. Both in raising my kiddos and sharing the headaches and hilarity with you. I may not be the world’s best mother. But I’m doing my damnedest to share my entire journey along the way.


I guess to sum it up, my resolution for 2013 is spend the year kicking ass and taking names. Because I’m going after it all. Also, there will be chocolate. And wine. And stories to tell.

Ok, who are we kidding, my 2013 resolution is to finish my book.

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  1. Joanne Hamann

    At least half of it IS enjoying the journey along the way. Not sure I did that as much when Mitch was little, but I’m savoring every moment now ( Yes, including his latest phrase “I REFUSE!”

    ps Where ARE the xmas pics with the grandparents???

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