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Today is a New Day

New Years

The years continue to turn. The days continue to pass. Time seems to slip away more quickly. And now we’re here in 2013.

The new year is a time of promises and change. I’ll lose weight, I’ll get rich, I’ll be better. Long before bloggers searched out time-applicable topics, folks were making lists of what they were going to accomplish in this particular cutout of the calendar. Continue reading

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Turning of the Years

Happy New Year. Here’s to all that’s still to come.





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New Year’s Resolutions I’ll Break Before February

It’s been another blink and you missed it year. (Go back and read the Annual Christmas Letter if you blinked.) The end of the calendar year is really a random point in the circle around the sun for us to reset.

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Auld Lang Syne

Interestingly enough, I am closing out 2010 in the exact same fashion that I welcomed it – in my sweats, in my comfy chair, and gunning to be curled up in bed by the New York New Year. That’s about all I can same for the similarities between the years.

What a year. This has been a year of absolute elation and terrifying concerns. Absolutely nothing played out the way I’d envisioned. Continue reading

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