Tiny Disguises

This weekend is the muppets first holiday. Technically, they’ve already celebrated Independence Day and Labor Day – but this is the first holiday with muppet-specific planned events.

Perhaps it’s the weather. It’s chilly, slightly gloomy and very blustery. We’ve got a pumpkin on our porch and some very decoratively enthusiastic neighbors. Leaves now litter our tree-lined street and the arbor skeletons beckon to spirited children.

Halloween is here!

This is the first time in a very long time I’ve been so excited about All Souls Day. Two years ago, I was thrilled because we had a house and I was going to get trick-or-treaters. And even though they’re still a bit young, we have our own little monsters this year.

As several people have pointed out, yes, the muppets are too young to appreciate dressing up. Yes, I am aware of this and no, I am not driving the sport utility stroller door to door in a citywide search for fun-size candies. However, they will be participating in a parade at my work and attending a costume brunch on Saturday. Sunday, they’ll be home helping me hand out candy to the local disguised tricksters.

I issued a pop quiz to Gramma J – what did Paul and I dress up as each year of our childhood. She responded, “Are you kidding me?”

If my memory serves, I spent my childhood as a clown, witch, Barbie, angel, rabbit, Phantom of the Opera and, my personal creative favorite, a yellow Crayola crayon. My brother was a pirate, Indian, dinosaur, Care Bear GI Joe, and Ryne Sandberg.

I’m not sharing what the muppets are dressing up as just yet. I know many of you already know – but for those who don’t, let’s save the surprise for the big day. I’ll give you a hint. Despite my best efforts to procure the costumes, the boys are not going to be muppets.

I’m excited and eager for the memories. They grow up so fast.



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  1. Holly

    I want to see the Phantom of the Opera one!! Too funny!

  2. Abe

    There were a few years there where I was a California Raisin. Yes, the dancing raisin. You too can get oversized white gloves and a foam pullover that looks like a huge shriveled grape.

  3. Abe

    (sorry if this double posts … having issues posting)
    There were a few years there as a kid where I dressed up as a California Raisin. Yes, the singing and dancing raisin from TV. You too can get oversized white gloves and pull on an oversized shriveled foam grape.

  4. Nancy Welker

    My favorite costume was Jerry the little mouse from the Tom and Jerry cartoons. My mom made the cutest costume ever. Also for us, almost better than Halloween was when we went to our Grandma Myra’s the next day for her birthday and we got to model our costumes. Good times.

  5. What an intimidating GI Joe I was…(in your blog it looks like you say I dressed up as a “Care Bear GI Joe”…which doesn’t exist to my knowledge)

    PS, check out that sweet orange carpet!

  6. Joanne Hamann

    OH, I loved those pictures! Paul may not know this, but Mitch borrowed part of his pirate costume one year. My favorite costume is still the one designed by Mary DeMarco – a creative wonder – when we were “tables,” with our heads coming out of the top of the box as the centerpieces. Fun times, and then the hours after trading candy and putting it all into separate Tupperware containers. And then, 2 weeks later, Mary was the only one with any candy, which her sister Lisa and I promptly ate. Have fun muppets!

  7. Gramma Janet

    Why does Tricia still look the same? Or is that only to me? AND, there is still orange carpet in the wine cellar! God forbid the wine or the carpet be removed!

  8. Winifred Ahern

    I never realized how important Halloween has become — all those memories — our favorite, of course, is Joanne’s “pumpkin theft” — also, I remember Paul destroying his sword before he ever got to be the “pirate”. Looking forward to the Muppets reaction to all this. G.G.

  9. Ummm…despite its obvious child-scaring properties, I thought dressing up as Gymbo the clown was your job, not a Halloween costume.

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