The Chocolate Whiskey Experiment

This is what they're supposed to look like

I did it. I succumbed. I joined Pinterest. PIN ALL THE THINGS! And then, like a magical beacon of light, a cupcake photo appeared on my wall page site board.

Dark Chocolate Jack Daniels Whiskey Cupcakes. (Suddenly those petit fours instructing Alice, “Eat Me” didn’t seem so far fetched.)

PIN ALL THE SUGARY WHISKEY-Y WONDERFULNESS! I pinned the delectable to the board I have aptly named, “Recipes I will likely blow up before they’re ready.” An omen perhaps? No matter. Challenge accepted. I. Must. Have. These. Cupcakes.

At that moment, the devil decked the angel right off my shoulder and the two of us remaining decided the attempted baking-from-scratch of just such this culinary creation seemed like a great idea. (And if it seems like a good idea, what could go wrong…)

To show some blog love, it seemed only right to share my newfound excitement by commenting on the post. Twenty odd failed CAPTCHA attempts later, I began wondering if the universe was trying to distract me from my baking endeavors.

It was off to the store. I had my list of ingredients to make the cupcakes, ganache and buttercream frosting from scratch.

Question 1: What is ganache?
Question 2: What is the difference between milk, buttermilk and heavy cream?
Question 3: Is kosher salt different from the blue container with the girl and the umbrella?
Question 4: Vegetable oil and olive oil are completely interchangeable right?
Question 5: How much whiskey should I be tasting? (Also, should the flavor be noticeable in the cupcakes?)
Question 6: Is there a difference between Jack Daniels and Jim Beam? Is this like Coke vs. Pepsi of alcoholic baked goods? (Note: Jack and Coke FAR preferable to Jim and Pepsi. Research people.)
Question 7: Given my culinary track record in combination with the ingredients required, will Jon be available to administer BSTs (baking sobriety tests) before I am permitted to operate any kitchen machinery.

I will not blow anything up. I will not blow anything up. I will not blow anything up.

Heeere we go! I grinned over at Jon as I began making preparations – with only a few minor alterations. “Let’s see how badly I can screw this up…”

“Ooh! Are we taking bets? I have some theories,” he replied excitedly.

I see my reputation precedes me.

Note fire extinguisher at the ready on left.

With a flurry of flour dust and cocoa powder, I was mixing and mastering. And also tasting. I think it’s legal baking law that you must lick the bowl. Side note – alcohol may evaporate in the oven. It does not evaporate from the bowl. This is important information.

I still have no idea what ganache it. It appears to be a creamy melty chocolatey concoction that I then added more whiskey to. And it smelled DELICIOUS. It took all of my non-existent willpower to refrain from simply eating my bowl of melty goodness.

For the frosting, the recipe states, “If it isn’t a strong enough whiskey taste for you add Tablespoon by Tablespoon of whiskey until it is to your liking.” (For future reference, turns out this means add to the creamy batter. Not drink a Jack and Coke until the frosting tastes better. Live and let learn.)

After one tiny mishap in which I was quickly educated on the gravitational pull capabilities of ganache in a frosting squeezy bag, the cupcakes were cooled. Did you know that if you attempt to inject filling into the cake with just a wee bit too much energetic force, the muffin will explode?

I blew something up.

Whoops. But hey – I’ve been covered in FAR more chocolate due to an unforeseen explosion. Full body culinary experience. And so tasty too!

Finally the survivors were frosted and photographed. (You didn’t think I’d keep my handiwork hidden did you?)

I let Jon have the first cupcake. Because I’m a good wife like that. (Of course, I would have seemed like a pretty crappy significant other had I inadvertently poisoned him.) So strike that. I gave him the first cupcake but took one for myself to eat as well.

Great news! No one died.

“Oh my god. Am I going to be drunk? They’re good!” decreed Jon.

Lookitmee go! I can bake like a big girl! (This round’s for you G.G.)

Of course, I couldn’t tell you if a single cupcake will cause inebriation as I was tasting along throughout this experiment.

But I hear they’re pretty potent. And I’m happy to share. But you have to come to me. I shan’t be driving this evening.

Join me for a Jack and Coke and some dark chocolate sweets?




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10 Responses to The Chocolate Whiskey Experiment

  1. Great Aunt J

    Yum yum yum!! Can you make a gluten free version for me? (actually, just the frosting is fine, thank you very much). GG would be so proud of you!! Also, LOVE the Lucy Vitametavegamin reference – “And so tasty too!”

  2. CubicleViews

    OMG those look fabulous, but I cannot make them. Oh not because of my culinary ineptness. No I AM a good cook thank you. But, if I were to try and make these I’d end up drinking all the Jack (and yes there is a big difference between Jack and Jim).

    Must get Mrs CV to make these!

    And btw congrats on not having to discharging the fire extinguisher!

    • I hear you on the sampling. Twas very very good. Maybe I’m not so terrible at this baking thing. Next up – Kaluha brownies! Well, in a while anyway. I virtually share a cupcake with you and some extra frosting for J. Cheers to everyone tonight!

  3. Great Aunt J

    Yum… Do you have the recipe for the Kahlua brownies?? Do you remember it was Anastasia’s? AMAZING!

  4. Nancy Welker Caracciolo

    I need this recipe. I developed a cupcake addiction last year after my surgery. I called it cupcake therapy. This recipe combines all of my favs: chocolate, Jack and cupcakes. Congratulations on your culinary masterpiece and yes, G.G. would have been so proud!

  5. As a baker I have some answers for you.

    Question 1: What is ganache?–I have no idea.
    Question 2: What is the difference between milk, buttermilk and heavy cream?–Buttermilk is slighly soured milk. heavy cream is it’s own thing. If you ever need buttermilk and don’t have it, add 1 TBSP lemon juice to a cup of milk and let sit for 5 minutes. Voila! Buttermilk
    Question 3: Is kosher salt different from the blue container with the girl and the umbrella? I don’t know…I think Morton is kosher but you’d have to read the container.
    Question 4: Vegetable oil and olive oil are completely interchangeable right? in cooking sometimes in baking NO. Taste factor involved here.

    • Thanks so much. This is actually really informative. You will likely be hearing from me before the next baking experiment. Actually – how’d you like to partake in the next experiment? 🙂

      And although I still have no idea what ganache is – the one from this recipe was really tasty.

    • Ethan

      Ganache is a chocolate cream mixture (icing or glaze for filling or icing)
      Kosher salt is large grain salt

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