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A Kahlua and Kix Commercial

While the muppets frolicked in the living room, I set about making the famous Kahlua brownies for AuntJ.

Hey – the Whiskey cupcakes turned out well. And these delectables I’d successfully made before. J passed on the recipe after a particularly tough term paper episode back in college. Because nothing makes a girl feel better than alcoholic brownies. Well, not much… Continue reading


The Chocolate Whiskey Experiment

This is what they're supposed to look like

I did it. I succumbed. I joined Pinterest. PIN ALL THE THINGS! And then, like a magical beacon of light, a cupcake photo appeared on my wall page site board.

Dark Chocolate Jack Daniels Whiskey Cupcakes. (Suddenly those petit fours instructing Alice, “Eat Me” didn’t seem so far fetched.)

PIN ALL THE SUGARY WHISKEY-Y WONDERFULNESS! I pinned the delectable to the board I have aptly named, “Recipes I will likely blow up before they’re ready.” An omen perhaps? No matter. Challenge accepted. I. Must. Have. These. Cupcakes. Continue reading