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Leaving on a Jet Plane


I could hear the boys squirming in bed long before the alarm went off. I rolled over to drowsily check the video monitor; Destroy had located his die-cast toy plane and was flying it around the perimeter of his pillow.

The moment permission to arise was granted the two were up like a shot – rocketing into our room abuzz with pre-flight excitement. Each muppet received a personalized backpack and was informed they could bring one toy in their carry-on.

From the kitchen I heard Jon explain, “No, you probably shouldn’t bring the hacksaw. The security people won’t like that.”

Plastic weaponry denied, breakfast consumed and an ungodly amount of baggage and it was time to embark upon our adventure. Continue reading


What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

Kauai 2013_007

For a week I wore no pants. My makeup was the slight burn of the sun turning to tan. My hair was dried by the air and styled by the salty sea breeze. We only went indoors to sleep.

But now, it has come time to return to reality. To a world of work and preschool, where pumpkin spice lattes replacing the sweet juices of pineapple and watermelon. Continue reading

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After these messages, we’ll be riiiight back.

IMG_2945I just got back from vacation.

I could sit here and regale you with the wondrous tales of tropical islands and the Happiest Place on Earth.


I could go stand in a hot shower until the water turns cold before climbing back into MY bed for one last hurrah of comfort and relaxation before life resumes to our routine tomorrow at daybreak.

Guess which one I’m choosing? Continue reading

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AlliOSNews Does Not Live in a Pineapple Under the Sea


Did you know I actually work with Clinton from AlliOSNews in my real life? Yup. But he lives in the U.K. I live in Silicon Valley (the motherland (Steveland?) of the Infinite Apple Loop cult). And a couple weeks ago, Clinton visited us yankees during a business trip to our company’s corporate headquarters.

To properly integrate him back into stateside culture, we took Clinton to a baseball game, and later in the week – we dined at the hotspot of overindulgence largesse, The Cheesecake Factory. (Bazinga!) Continue reading

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11 Characters You Encounter At The Airport


Spring has arrived. Corporate conferences abound. And work travel is in the air (pun totally intended).

Baseball games have good people watching. Vegas has better. But the airport? That one can’t be beat.

What characters have you seen that need to be added? Continue reading


Back to the Grind

Criminalize Decaf

Being away on business travel is a mixed blessing.

Even if the “meetings” or “conference” is held during set hours, let’s face it – when you travel for work the company owns you those days.

God bless the technology that let’s your husband send you video of your child’s first words… (Yeah. That happened. First time I ever left the little stinkers.) Continue reading


Because Mommy is Apparently Still a Threat to National Security

Friday afternoon I sat across from my punk ass colleague dear friend who had been with me on my prior…um… encounter with HOMELAND SECURITY. He decided it was necessary to regale everyone else who happened to be sitting in the company conference corraller with my story. (But who am I to judge – I AM posting these delightful anecdotes for the world to see.)

“Don’t forget socks,” he concluded smugly. Continue reading


Winecone Wednesday – New York State of Mind Edition

It’s here.

A year ago I saw the flood of tweets on the BlogHer conference and thought it sounded fabulous. I don’t “know” (in the face-to-face sense anyway) a single soul going. And it’s happening in Manhattan.

I decided to take the plunge and sign up for something that could be so totally smackaroo-able or just a week of wineconing in the making. Continue reading

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Winecone Wednesday – An American in Paris Edition

Twelve years ago I ventured forth to England to study abroad at Durham University. I landed at Heathrow Airport only to discover my luggage was missing. As I skulked toward the student bus with a teacher trying to get me to see the positive because SHOPPING (and I tried to explain a student budget with personal space issues including not wanting to borrow another’s undies), my name boomed across the PA.

Richard Chamberlain had stolen my luggage. Continue reading

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New York State of Mind

The sun set somewhere in Connecticut. The scenery whizzing by through the train windows faded from lush green landscapes along the countryside into darkness. Then, as we closed in on our destination, the New York City skyline rose up from the twilight. The bright lights illuminated the busy bustling city and my two-dimensional vantage point framed the iconic buildings as natural as an Ansel Adams photo. Continue reading