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If Ever There Was Proof the Kid’s a Superhero


So this totally just happened. Pretty much says it all. Continue reading


Through the Eyes of a Child

The following conversation just happened:

Search: <singing> ITSY SPIDER! ITSY SPIDER

Me: Oh! Are we singing Itsy Bitsy Spider? <I start singing.>

Destroy: No, mommy. Continue reading


Chain Letter Link Awards

I meant to write a recap of my weekend adventures yesterday. But then I got all excited about having my writing published in another location – even if it was a bit of a heavy subject. So today I thought we could all use a little bit of fluff.

And also, I’m avoiding the giant laundry pile taunting me upstairs.

Now, here’s a bit of insight into my world: comments are like blogger crack. Sometimes All the times it’s nice to be reminded that my words aren’t flailing about in a void of nothingness. Continue reading