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My Mini Me

My terms

While one whirling dervish flung himself off stacks of mats and hurled himself up and over a balance structure twice his height – proudly chanting “POMMEL HORSE” at the top of his lungs, our other son was quiet.

This was not our most stellar gymnastics class outing. Continue reading


Where Does the Time Go?


“Mr. Stream? Do you have a moment to chat with me in my office?” the preschool principal began as she approached Jon after drop-off on Monday.

Because that’s not even remotely foreboding to get called to the principal’s office that way. Oh god – the muppets were getting expelled. (Please never underestimate my ability to jump to the worst possible conclusion. Every. Time. It’s a gift.) Continue reading


Code Red Lock Down Drill (or when Hide and Seek becomes a survival strategy)


Yesterday, in the same San Bernardino Mountains where I spent many a begrudging youthful weekend with my family (we didn’t have high-speed interwebs back in the day), law enforcement officials had a cabin surrounded for a final standoff with an ex-LAPD officer – who had killed four people and wounded more.

Local schools were closed. On lockdown out of concern for safety. Continue reading


Shawshank Redemption (toddler style)

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

From the moment they were born, the muppets made their intentions known – definitively declaring their decision to get busy living, regardless of the obstacles placed in front of them (like breathing). Continue reading


A Christmas Caroling We Go

The saga begins yesterday evening, the day before the hallowed preschool Christmas concert of 2012.

“Well it’ll make a good blog post…” his teacher intoned the moment I walked in to pick up the muppets. “I always tell the parents it’ll be better next year.”

I could not wait. I don’t care if you have an entrenched hatred of holiday tunes and Christmas pageantry – when the toddlers take the stage you drink in that adorableness. And also, mayhem is about to happen. Continue reading


The Problem with our Education System Today

Search and Destroy with their favorite teacher (even if she is a bit disturbed).

I’m not sure how I feel about the environment my children are being educated in. And by that I of course mean Northern California.

Last week the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. The Bay Area went nuts. Those infected with the crazy included those responsible for imparting basic knowledge upon the impressionable young minds in their charge. Including the muppets. Continue reading


Something Funny Happened on the Way Home

You think by making it through the day without a call saying the kids are hysterical that the first day in the Tiny Two’s class was a rousing success.

I showed up to the sandbox. The yard doody lady called out Search’s name. Five kids looked up. Because there are five Search’s in his class. Yes. He has one of those names. But to keep things interesting for the teachers, they all have unique spellings. (Joke’s on you, class roster!) Continue reading


The Tiny Two Toddler Transition

Tiny Two to College Graduation

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the muppets from the giant cat litter box preschool sandbox was that I no longer have babies – they have fully become little boys. The second thing I noticed was that Search was definitely wearing someone else’s pants.

Let’s go ahead and add that realization to the list of why toddlers aren’t terribly far off from frat boys. And with this latest educational promotion, it occurs to me that they’ll be in college approximately tomorrow. Continue reading

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How to Exhaust a Muppet

DEFINITION: Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it. (Courtesy of A Daddy Blog)

Search was not wearing the outfit I dropped him off in this morning. He toddled around the corner, followed shortly by teacher Miss Stephanie. “We’re going to need more wipes.”

Seventeen outfits, 10 kiwis, 386 baby wipes, two runny noses, two incident reports, one hacking cough, one flesh wound, one black eye, and we’ve hit the second week of daycare running.
Continue reading

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Back to School

Well, we’ve made the grade. It may be hard to believe, but the muppets started school today. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “School? Already? Are they even a year old?” Continue reading