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Valentine’s Day: Not Even Pinterest Enough to Fail

Heart Minnie

I won’t sugarcoat it. Valentine’s Day is not my thing.

It is a shmoopy memorial brought into being by the greeting card industry. A Hallmark holiday celebrated via a weaponized fat toddler (who would realistically kill the romance in any relationship with the pungent aroma of a full diaper if you weren’t first snipered by fallen pieces from a shattered Lego arrow). All while honoring a saint who was ultimately beheaded, via the grand gesture of murdered foliage most symbolized for its thorny exterior – evolved by nature to stab you should you look at it wrong. Continue reading

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The Future and Frozen Tundra

Yosemite New Year_12-31-14_22

Happy New Year. The future has arrived. Possibly possessed by sun flares and perihelion – as Earth neared its closest distance from our sun – I decided to ring in the new year in wild fashion. The boys and I headed to Yosemite with their girlfriend Minnie’s family.

“You are completely insane,” Jon informed me as he kissed us goodbye. “God speed to you all.” Continue reading

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Lord of the Flies (or when dozens of preschoolers descend upon you dressed as superheroes)



The cake arrived at 9 a.m. Two tiers of Gotham City and Metropolis fondant bat-signaling that Search and Destroy’s fourth year was upon us.

We had to hide the cake in the office. The excitement was already building to a peak, and it wasn’t even mid-morning. The party wasn’t until 3:30. Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

In the run up to Christmas, this weekend was the annual Classy Mom’s Christmas Party. It’s a big event. And the kids are now old enough that all the attendees are mobile – and able to create as much chaos as possible.

This particular soiree comes with instructions. Saturday morning arrived and as the muppets munched on the nutritional delights of Eggo waffles (prior to the pending sugar surge sure to soon occupy the time of all those classy moms), I reviewed the evite – running through the checklist step-by-step. Continue reading


Parties Pumpkins and Ponies

“This kind of blog just writes itself, doesn’t it?” smirked Jon as he was sent back to the store for last minute sherbet.

It was the annual Mama’s Halloween party. Ten small peeps (between the ages of 4 months and 4 years) descended upon my house to join the muppets in creating complete and utter chaos. A dirty dozen in full disguise. Continue reading


Red Sweater Day

Under the stars, beneath the moon
Will be a Christmas party you won’t forget soon.
A party for all so full of cheer
A room full of people we all hold dear.
So join us for this Christmas celebration
Forget all your sorrows, worries, frustration…
We’ll deck the halls and you deck the children.

Bring your little ones in their Christmas best.
Moms, please wear something red for a group photograph. Continue reading