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This Too Shall Pass (or death to germs)


‘Tis the season. The tail end of cold and flu that is. As well as the cornerstone of spring – a time that I’ve spent the past four years battling the demons of “what if.”

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A Cinderella Story

Cinderella Movie

You think I’m about to tell you a story about over-working young children, forcing the youth of the house to bear the burden of unwanted chores. However, with the exception of the poor abused laundry machine forced to scrub the soiled garments of twins who refuse to potty train, this is a tale of the Walt Disney Classic. Continue reading

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The Hardest Age is the One They’re At


I tiptoed into the bedroom. After an hour and a half of naptime hysterics, Destroy had finally passed out and was sound asleep. His bare naked bottom was stuck straight up in the air.

Part of the tantruming routine involved frenziedly ripping his pants from his body. A full blown, mind-numbingly impressive, the power of Christ compels you exorcist, clearly possessed melt down ensued. Again.

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Where Have All the Kids Gone


We wandered down the sidewalk, taking moments to break free in the late-October sunshine to play unstructured games of tag and catch on the lawn. I was watching them; I made sure no tiny person darted into the street.

The muppets were laughing uproariously. And I had a moment of eye-rolling ironic realization that we’d better get all games of tag out of our system now. Because it’s probably not going to be allowed when my boys get to elementary school. Continue reading


Barely Legal


Eighteen years ago I was a sophomore in high school. (It just occurred to me that I have been out of high school longer than it took me to get through it.)

Today my cousin Mitch turned 18. Continue reading

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My Baby Brother’s All Grown Up

Uncle Paul’s all growed up. Happy Dirty 30 Baby Bro!








Preemie Perspective

Shoe v Tattoo_06-03-13

Jon’s tattoo is the actual size of the boys’ footprints at birth.  The shoe is the very one procured during our recent adventure to the mall. Continue reading


An Open Letter to my Sons on Their Third Birthday

Letter to my sons

Time really is ethereal – something simply in the eye of the beholder. When we began our journey, three months took a lifetime; it seems surreal that it’s now been three years.

Three years ago doctors talked to me in hushed tones of couched optimism. I mourned the loss of what should have been instead of celebrating your arrival. But this year I looked forward to Memorial Day. It’s time to look forward to all of your milestones, instead of back on the ones we missed. Continue reading


These Hands


Destroy’s teacher sent me that photo. “Sharing the love,” she wrote.

With the blood running true blue through my veins, I replied in kind. “There is absolutely nothing ok with that photo. Oh wait…”

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Where Does the Time Go?


“Mr. Stream? Do you have a moment to chat with me in my office?” the preschool principal began as she approached Jon after drop-off on Monday.

Because that’s not even remotely foreboding to get called to the principal’s office that way. Oh god – the muppets were getting expelled. (Please never underestimate my ability to jump to the worst possible conclusion. Every. Time. It’s a gift.) Continue reading