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Sorry, Had to Go See About a Ball



I died on a Tuesday.

I was old. My once golden fur had long since faded to white. My joints ached. My body hurt. The seizures were robbing my mind of more of me every day.

I’d wandered the backyard. I tossed my tire rope to myself for a while. I chased my ball. I remembered being a younger pup; I could play fetch for hours, rest for a few moments and hit the grounds for more. Continue reading


My Baby Brother’s All Grown Up

Uncle Paul’s all growed up. Happy Dirty 30 Baby Bro!








GrammaJ’s Diamond Day

They say age ain’t nothing but a number. But let’s face it – 60’s a pretty big number.

But I can’t imagine a world without my mom in it. Welcome to middle age mom. Here’s to another 60 years of people wanting to be you. And 60 reasons why. Continue reading


Roomie Christmas

Twelve years. It’s been 12 years.

2000: You'd never know we're 12 years older. We look exactly the same right?

Continue reading


The Family Dynamic

The muppets and I made a mad dash for the sunny Southern California coast this past weekend. During our whirlwind family reunion tour I was reminded how much I miss living near my extended family. Continue reading


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s Christmas vacation 2010! This is my favorite time of the year; I’ve always loved the holidays. But I don’t think I’ve been this excited since I was a very small person.

It’s the muppets first Christmas – the first year we start creating our own family traditions.

Christmas was a VERY big deal as I was growing up. My brother and I would routinely wake up every hour the night before and yell, “Mommmm, is it Christmas yet?” Our parents would blearily mumble that it was not, and attempt to convince us to go back to bed. Paul and I would run back and forth into each other’s rooms.

After enduring many long minutes of discussion about the following day’s celebration, we would run into our parents’ room – carefully averting our eyes from the living room. Neither of us wanted to see the decorated tree until morning.

Our parents would groan and again send us back to bed. This scenario would repeat many times throughout the night.

When “morning” (quotations used because we would usually wear our Mom and Dad down by 6a.m.) arrived, we would run into the living room to plug in the tree. The rainbow colored lights would dazzle the gift-wrapped bounty below our plastic tree. Paul and I would grab our stockings and settle down next to “our” side of the tree. It was a treat just to be in the living room – the room no one was allowed in on any ordinary day.

Mom and Dad would stumble into the kitchen to make coffee. Someone would grab the camera. Paul and I would bounce around in the living room like hyperactive puppies, our eyes wide with excitement about the endless possibilities.

This is the first year my childhood tradition is changing. This is the first year that I won’t wake up at my parents house (albeit much later than dawn for many years now) and join my immediate family by the tree. This year we’re the grownups. Family is coming to visit us.

We have an action-packed celebration ready to remember.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, the muppets will experience their first Christmas mass. Aunt Ivy has volunteered to brave the ideal of holding a quiet infant throughout an hour-long mass with us. Christmas morning, we’re having a breakfast gathering with friends before GrammaJ and GrampaTavo arrive. Uncle Paul and Aunt Stephanie are joining us on Dec. 26 for an all-out family dinner.

Will these turn into the Stream family traditions? Only time will tell. I’ve been bouncing around with excitement for weeks now. I am excited about experiencing that same wonder and amazement through the eyes of my children.

This year may be a bit early for that – we’re more expecting them to contentedly sit in the arms of all their admires and track shiny objects. But there are endless possibilities for the years to come.

As a child, I was often most enthralled by the material gifts. After the whirlwind events of 2010, I can honestly say I truly believe. Santa came early this year; we have healthy muppets home with us. We have our family ready to create traditions that Search and Destroy will hopefully remember fondly 30 years from now.

Joy to the world people. The muppets are getting ready to celebrate.


The Annual Family Christmas Letter

I know many of you hate receiving these yearly accolades neatly condensed into a single letter – complete with stationary bearing the appropriate winter motif.

Well 2010 was a big year for us. As we close it out, it really seems to have passed us by while we were buys worrying/celebrating/planning/enjoying the muppets.

So, while you may not be a fan of THE ANNUAL FAMILY CHRISTMAS LETTER, I am. I love receiving them and reading the details of the year, while admiring the accompanying photos. (Even if I was right there beside you, living the year.) And this year, I love sending this. We’re proud of our muppets. (And quite frankly, if you’re here reading this, you have to admit you care a little too. =) )

The holidays are here again. And what a year it’s been…

You want a family? You’re GOING to have a family. Oh my goodness – we’re having twins…

Jon turns 30.

Avere Molti Bambini Maschili! “Yeah, those are both definitely boys,” said the doctor. Two boys? Put up the tent, it’s going to be a circus.

This was not the highlight of the year. At 22 weeks pregnant I move into the hospital for a very stressful six-week stay. Yuck.

It’s time to meet the muppets! We welcome Search Welker (2 lbs. 2 oz./12 in.) and Destroy Anthony (2 lbs. 3 oz./12 in.) to the world.

June is a blur. We spend the vast majority of it staring at the purple-elephant lined walls of the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.

Jon and I learn more science than we ever did in school. Part parent, part nurse. And the muppets reach five pounds.

Homecoming! Search and Destroy officially become NICU graduates. Sleepless nights commence. It is fabulous waking up every three hours because our boys are home and healthy.

I return to work, embracing my new role as a working mom. Search and Destroy spend their days enjoying Daddy Day Care – they’re smiling now.

Happy Halloween! Mommy and Daddy’s monkey and the little lion.

I turn 30.

2010 is almost over and it’s been quite the roller coaster. We’ve been blessed with so much this year. This start of this new decade has brought an entirely new chapter of life for our family.

May you and yours have a happy, healthy holiday. And here’s to all the new adventures the coming year will bring.

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