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Every night the bedtime stories are read. Teeth are brushed. Good nights are said. And 30 seconds after the lights are dimmed will be the pitter-patter of little feet.

No matter how tired the parents are – those little ones never want to go to sleep.

Not to mention those unexpected middle of the night visits – that moment at 3 a.m. when you roll over in bed and find a 3-year-old at eye level. Silent and staring unblinkingly. Waiting for you to notice his needs.

Frankly, it’s creepy. Makes for a lot of restless nights.

This should come as no surprise – but I’m not the only tired parental type person out there. It’s one of the reason that label “Mommy Blogger” is such a big genre here on the big wide interwebs.

And as it turns out, a group of us are putting together an anthology on just such an exhausting subject.

What? Did you just read that right? Yes! I’m going to part of a published book that you’re TOTALLY going to want to read.

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