Rough and Tumble Tumbly-Bouncing (Or When Toddlers Take Gymnastics)

Destroy came flying off the stairs, as he’d positioned himself just so that he slid down on his stomach, picking up momentum as his rotund little tummy garnered additional speed. He hit the tile floor, leapt up and headed toward the entryway rug at a full toddler sprint that quickly transitioned into a diving summersault (that was actually rather well done). As quickly as this little escapade had begun, Destroy popped back up, arms stretched toward the heavens in a gold-medal caliber routine completion gymnastics salute.


The boys have begun gymnastics classes. In fact, we spent the majority of the evening shrieking, “I WANNA GO NASTICS!!!” Destroy is a big fan.

Classes with mom and dad are Monday evenings. Thursday afternoons, the boys attend Gymsters at school.

See – at this age, gymnastics is really nothing more than a supervised rubber room. And given that, if harnessed, the energy level of a single toddler would likely solve the world’s energy crisis, I felt it wise to engage my own little hurricanes in activities wherein they could expel some of said terroristic tendencies vitality.

We started with swim classes over the summer. (Bubble face!) But swim class required parental accompaniment in the pool. The pool is not heated. So it’s cold. Next sport!

Destroy has been climbing since before he could crawl. He will spend hours summersaulting and flipping himself off the couch. He is MORE than happy to show you how he can drive headfirst off of all the gym’s padded accouterments.

However, as all his preschool teachers can attest, Destroy does not often have his listening ears about his person. Yesterday, three teachers were called in to give him a talking too. “You see that mural over there?” explained one of his teachers who apparently has the patience of Job. “Notice the missing snowman. And this poster over here…See the distinct lack of a turkey in the pilgrim scene.”

These particular elements of paper displays had been violently ripped from their station as Destroy (quite literally in some cases) bounced off the walls of his classroom.

In any case, I now have a qualifier on where these listening ears reside. In gymnastics class, Destroy will only listen to the cute teenager teacher – for whom he will perform each and every task to the best of his abilities. This includes the giraffe and penguin walks.

Casanova strikes again. While working on muscles and flexibility. (I can’t wait for the teenage years…)

Search has far more upper body strength. I maintain this was developed during his attempts to army crawl out of his NICU isolette. Yet, as mentioned, he’s not a fan of leaving the ground. His “jumps” comprise of exaggerated knee bends followed by a large step. His mantra appears to be – one foot on solid earth at all time.

Search still has some semblance of self-preservation about his person. (Destroy does not. Remember those 90s shirts, “No Fear”? That’s my kid.)

Then after class this week, as we crossed the lawn toward the car, the boys were all giggles and grins as they raced faster and faster down the manicured park slope.

“Hey!” admonished Destroy. “Search be careful.”


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  1. Tatum

    Get cute teenagers number…sounds like the perfect babysitter!

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