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Listening Ears


Destroy has always had a bit of an impulsive side to him.

From out of nowhere you’ll hear a primal yell. You’ll feel the walls shudder around you; what was once order will suddenly become a cacophony of chaos – disarray resulting from a category 5 hurricane muppet. Toys strewn in his wake surrender to the playroom battlefield as a 38-pound Godzilla conquers the northeast end of his home. Continue reading


Rough and Tumble Tumbly-Bouncing (Or When Toddlers Take Gymnastics)

Destroy came flying off the stairs, as he’d positioned himself just so that he slid down on his stomach, picking up momentum as his rotund little tummy garnered additional speed. He hit the tile floor, leapt up and headed toward the entryway rug at a full toddler sprint that quickly transitioned into a diving summersault (that was actually rather well done). As quickly as this little escapade had begun, Destroy popped back up, arms stretched toward the heavens in a gold-medal caliber routine completion gymnastics salute.

TADA! Continue reading