Pre-K Problems


It’s rough out there for the preschool big kids. There’s a lot to live up to. But sometimes, there are problems only the pre-k’ers can truly understand.

  • I don’t want my mommy to leave, but I don’t want to cry like the little kids.
  • The day is ruined. Mom packed a banana instead of banana bread for breakfast.
  • Mom accidentally switched yogurt flavors in our breakfast bag. It’s tainted now.
  • My teacher doesn’t appreciate my request for quiet in the classroom. “I can’t take it! Make the stupid baby stop!”
  • I’m supposed to be in Mrs. Pan’s class but I have to go play in Mrs. Juice’s class first. There is no pirate ship toy in her class!
  • The principal childproofed the classroom. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
  • My friend went down the slide at the same time as me. I was totally justified in biting her. So why am I the one on timeout?
  • I was told we were having quesadillas for lunch. This is melted cheese in a tortilla. Unacceptable!
  • The Teddy Grahams bag is ripped. Now I can’t any of them! THEY’RE RUINED!
  • I do not want to nap. I do not want to nap. I cannot sleep! Katelynn is in another class. I will never nap again.
  • Why would I do that? Why WOULDN’T I do that? It seemed like a good idea.
  • If I can paint on the paper, I do not understand why it’s not ok to paint on the table or my brother.
  • Everyone keeps telling me not to poop in my pants. So why are they so bent out of shape that I pooped on the floor.
  • I only have one “good behavior” sticker in class. Everyone else has at least four. But I don’t want to stand still in line!
  • I really need to play with whatever toy my friend just picked up. Make them “share.”
  • I shall wail while lying prone. Because I’m not getting my way.
  • Pre-K kids are allowed to climb the mountain without a teacher. So I should totally be allowed to escape the tot lot, scale the slide, and shriek, “I AM NOT A STINKER!”
  • Pre-K kids are allowed to climb the mountain without a teacher. But the teacher won’t let me out of the classroom.
  • If I can open the door, I should be allowed to open the door and leave.
  • I’m supposed to practice writing the letter “B.” But my name doesn’t start with that letter.
  • Fine motor skills are hard. It’s much more fun to run screaming around the classroom wielding my pencil like the lance in a joust.
  • I am hungry and tired. So I shall refuse to eat or sleep.

Life is rough.

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