Pre-K (Chaos in the Classroom)

First Day

When I first dropped the muppets off in the toddler room of their preschool, Destroy still couldn’t walk. Search couldn’t (or more likely wouldn’t) talk. They’ve had three years of amazing teachers since. (And now they won’t sit still or shut up.)

Today I dropped them off for their first day of pre-K.

This may not sound like much to you with older kids. Some of you may think, “Oh, it’s just the 4-year-old class.” But in the preschool world – they’re seniors this year! My once tiny 2-pounders are now the “big kids.”

Destroy was all about the idea. Pre-K kids are allowed to climb the mountain in the play yard without a teacher. (Or so I’m told. I’ve not yet noticed a mountain subtly peaking from the base of the sandbox. Maybe it’s only visible to the Pre-K’ers who truly believe.)


Search was far more skeptical. He’s not a big fan of change until he’s fully investigated his situation.


I’d talked this new adventure up quite a bit. But drop-off was the same. So I wouldn’t hear about the day until the full experience was complete.

When I arrived to pick them up, both were bouncing off the walls (one literally) with excitement. They gave me a full tour of their new digs. “Follow over here, Mommy!” Destroy instructed. “First, you go through these big doors here…” I merely walked behind them.

Destroy: This is our new room. It’s where the big kids go to school now.

Search: And there are TWO Searches in my class.

Destroy: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There are three Searches. One is my brother. The other one is not my brother. The other one that’s not my brother is the far away one cuz he doesn’t go here anymore. Search are you not going to cry again tomorrow?

Apparently, Search had spent the first part of the morning crying. But he figured things out pretty quickly upon the discovery of a new play castle with shiny armor. And more importantly, his new teacher, Miss Pan, talked swiffering with him.

Brooms and sweeping? I think we’ve found another good fit for the teacher who will guide them through their senior year of preschool.

But the boys still clearly love all their teachers.

Search: Mommy, I miss Miss Blue.

Me: But you saw her this afternoon, right?

Destroy: Yeah…she found us…

Good luck, Miss Pan.

It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to meet the muppets in Pre-K this year!

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  1. Miss Blue

    You warned me about this post. You even told me what destroy said. I still cried. Thank you for sharing your boys with me and thank you for allowing me to educate then on what a real baseball team is.

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