Pixi Stix

The Pixi Stix are here! (I’ve mentioned the muppets’ future prom dates before.)

And tonight I went to visit them, cooing, “Let me meet my future daughters-in-law” to the consternation of their doting father.

They are tiny and perfect and I love them.

Born July 3:
Claire Elizabeth: 5lbs 4oz
Genevieve Elise: 4lbs 6oz

They almost had different birthdays. After three days of induced labor, Claire arrived at 11:40 p.m. Their proud mama was given one chance to introduce Genevieve to the world or a c-section would commence. This would have put her past midnight; instead the little vixen was born at 11:50 p.m. (Clearly already keeping their parents on their toes. Good luck with that!)

This led me to two obvious ponderances.

  1. This “labor” thing sounds WAY overrated.
  2. Our journey into double trouble has been completely opposite.


Pixi Stix





Fertility treatments: Yeah, yeah, risk of multiples is increased. I’m trying to get one.

Spontaneous: Holy shit what do you mean there are two in there?

Told there would be 3. (Triplets)

Told there would be 0. (Expected miscarriage)

Maternal hospital stay: 6 weeks antepartum, >24 hours postpartum

Maternal hospital stay: 4 days postpartum

All medical voodoo thrown to stop labor.

All medical voodoo thrown to start labor.

Preemie: 27 weeks

Termie: 37 weeks


Natural birth

Tantrum over Tylenol
(in my defense it wasn’t even extra strength)

Tough chick, bearing down, breathing through

30 second birth difference

10 minute birth difference


5 and 4lbs
(literally double muppet trouble)

3 months in hospital
(76 days in the NICU)

3 days in hospital
(just waiting for mom)

Holy crap – twins? How do you do it?

Holy crap – twins? How do you do it?

Hmm…maybe it’s not all that different after all. Welcome to the MoM club Mo – we’re freaks of nature!


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  1. Yay, I’m so happy they’re here and healthy. Congratulations on your new little nieces!

  2. Gramma j

    Congrats on the new arrivals! I hope to see them when I am In town.

  3. Joanne Hamann

    wow! And I love the name Pixi Stix!!

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