One Family’s Story

So many people have babies born too soon. When Jon and I began our experience as “preemie parents,” I was amazed at how many stories we began hearing. It seemed almost everyone we knew had been touched by an early birth.

I vividly remember the NICU walk every day as we went to visit the muppets.

Now, Pampers has launched “Love Comes Early,” an 8-episode Web series that follows one family as they navigate life in their local NICU and fight to nurse their daughter Addyson, born fifteen weeks premature, to health.

I watched this and it seemed all too familiar. But in honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, I wanted to share since it seems a great way to show you what it’s like – for any parent going through this. Our stories are all different, but all too similar.


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  1. Jon

    Everything they said was spot on. We could have made a video and it would have been almost the same.

  2. Gramma Janet

    Wow, this video does sound exactly like what you two said about the NICU experience x 2. Does bring tears to my eyes!

  3. Winifred Ahern

    What an incredible experience!! It must be “deja vu” for you — and all who have gone through it. G.G.

  4. brenda

    I just found your blog and am enjoying your adventures especially since I’m a soon-to-be mom of twins. I really love the colorful knit hats the boys were wearing in the professional photos – did you buy them somewhere or did someone knit them for you?

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