Mini Me

The muppets are finally feeling better. Sick muppets are stressful.

This past weekend, they finally began recovering just enough to realize they did not feel good. So we had an extreme “hold me” weekend. Search was at least content to lie beside me. Destroy would not rest his well-exercised lungs unless he was firmly ensconced in my arms. On the positive side, Destroy’s continued screams did help clear our some of his congestion.

Needless to say, there was not much time for blogging endeavors.

Grandma Nancy stopped by on Tuesday to visit for the afternoon. Naturally, they immediately transformed into perfect angels. But hey – I’m not picky in the manner with which I encounter happy giggly muppets.

This was Grandma Nancy’s first extended stay alone with the boys. (So I do not begrudge her the halo effect even a little – it means she’ll come back for additional extended alone stays…) Rumor has it the conversations among the three took several trips down memory lane. (You’ve seen the Nanny Diaries documentary; the muppets converse regularly now.)

A popular question asked of me, other than “are they identical,” is “who do they look like?” And who better to confirm such a question than Grandma. The winning answer?

Jon. The muppets look like Dad.

Unlike animated Disney offspring, where sons are carbon copies of their father, the muppets do have some of my features. Search, for example, has inherited the trademark pointy chin found on my side of the family. And he has a similar body type to my baby self – longer and leaner. Destroy, in contrast, has more of a Michelin Man body type, round and rolly.

See for yourself.

Did your children look just like you? Or did you look just like one of your parents?


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4 Responses to Mini Me

  1. Winifred Ahern

    How adorable!! Yes, in the picture of Dad as a baby there is a definite resemblance –they look more like him — how can they all be so cute? Hoping they are fully recovered from the “bug” G.G.

  2. Joanne Hamann

    They look like Jon

  3. Gramma Janet

    Love that picture! They’ve always looked like Jon. Daddy’s boys- Cutie pies

  4. Gramma Janet

    To answer your questions – you look just like me!! That statement, “You look just like your mom”, must be reverberating in your head from all the times you have heard it from infancy to age 30!!

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