Mythbusters: Behind the Myths Tour

Behind the Myths

Jon and I headed out on the town Saturday night to take in dinner and a show. Because what could possibly be more romantic than a date night with Mythbusters. (Admit it – you’d be wondering if they’d blow something up on stage too.)

Are you familiar with the show? Mythbusters is a reality show that has been airing on the Discovery Channel for 11 years. Using actual science, the hosts explore popular myths (hence the name) to test the plausibility of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos and news stories. The science is real, educational, entertaining and they pretty much always blow something up.

I watch Search play; he is so methodical as he inspects every gear and lever. Will he be an engineer and fascinated by physics when he grows up? Meanwhile Destroy is always nearby, testing cause and effect via his rambunctious actions. He certainly shows an early affinity for bangs and explosions as well.

My sons are the perfect 3-year-old foils for the Mythbusting duo of hosts Jamie Hynaman and Adam Savage.

Several months ago, I learned they were going on tour (the actual Mythbusters, not my kids). Although the show was once an absolute staple in the Stream household, it’s fallen by the wayside in recent years. Yet I still multi-task around the house with episodes on in the background, so I was eager to see what the touring show may hold.

“MythBusters Behind the Myths brings you face to face with the curious world of Jamie and Adam as the duo matches wits on stage with each other and members of the audience.”

“MythBusters Behind the Myths brings you face to face with the curious world of Jamie and Adam as the duo matches wits on stage with each other and members of the audience.”

Bouncing around the stage with energy befitting that of a 3-year-old, Adam Savage proved he is a true showman. The show was hilarious. And it was awesome to glean a little insight on how it comes to light.

Turns out, science can be fun.

As Savage pointed out, humor and play is important. Because if you’re having fun, you might just learn something. Apparently, a joke is a scientific experiment of its own. It is a compilation of critical thinking and questions. The result of crucial components to your question just happens to come out of left field – also known as the punch line.

Audience Participation

Furthermore, the Mythbusters noted that the most important statement in science is not “Eureka!” Or even, “Yup, that’s what I thought, ” but rather, “Huh. Well that’s interesting…” (Of course if you’re a Mythbuster “Oh shit, duck!” might also be high on your list.)

I wish there had been a show like that when I was cursing my class schedule to make science seem seriously cool. (I was pretty certain the sole purpose of science was to make my life miserable.)

Really, Mythbusters is a scientific Sesame Street for adults. Teaching us how to (not) blow up water heaters since 2002. Brought to you by the letters W T F.

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  1. Nancy Welker Caracciolo

    “Brought to you by the letters W T F.”
    Love it ! Destined to be a Classic!!!

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