Muppets and Music Together

On Wednesday our little gang trooped back to our Movement Exploration class. Search eyed me warily as we entered the rec center, but as soon as we put him down he was off and crawling.

Destroy did the same. There were tunnels and slides, blocks and walkers. The muppets are clearly now comfortable enough to explore on their own. Search even took a few steps to show off his newly developed skills to the teachers. When it was time to commence class activities, the boys happily grabbed the welcome doggie and laughed along with the finger puppets.

But then it was time for THE PARACHUTE. Despite my affinity for such childhood exploration activities, Search has declared the polyester playchute public enemy number one. Search does not like the parachute.

Does. Not. Like.

Last class we experienced a full-fledged meltdown. That would explain the evil eye… This week when THE PARACHUTE came out, Search gave a small whine before maneuvering himself toward the wall. Thumb firmly ensconced in his mouth, he planted himself on the ground, crossed his little legs and clearly communicated that he was going to remain right where he was until the dreaded parachute was safely tucked away.

We placed the willing explorers in the center of THE PARACHUTE; parents grabbed hold of the ends and skipped around in a circle. Search watched every step, glaring at us from across the room.

Destroy seemed a bit unsure of the situation, but he went along with the program. I couldn’t quite understand them, but after class Search certainly seemed to have some choice words for his brother.

On Thursday, we were back at the rec center for our first music class. Search seemed a little concerned that he may have to face his nemesis again so soon. But instead we passed our tricked out giant playroom and entered a large gymnasium blaring the beats of Top 40 music. A small set of rugs designated the space for our circle.

The muppets immediately set off to investigate their new surroundings. Teacher Sean began class by pulling out his guitar and starting off with a song. Destroy froze mid-crawl. Balanced on all fours with one arm extended, Destroy stood perfectly still – transfixed by the instruments and sounds. Search sat by my side, also perfectly still.

The muppets like music. When I was pregnant (during the arf my brains out first trimester, before the second trimester circus of prematurity) the only time I was able to breathe deeply and calm my angry stomach was when I drove with the radio on. Even at such an early age, the music and movement intrigued the muppets.

With one small exception involving the desire for a classmate’s sippy cup (interestingly enough, the very type of cup that the muppets will have nothing to do with at home), the boys had a wonderful time in class. Teacher Sean reinforced that at their tender age we don’t know why type of learners they are (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), so the music takes all forms.

There is the sound of the music and the lyrics to the songs. There are the beats on the mat, the clapping and the feel of the instruments. And there are the actions that accompany each number. Search and Destroy clapped along, watched all our actions and banged on the drums during instrument interactivity.

We were given CD to practice at home. Teacher Sean encouraged us to play it ad nauseam – sharing that we should be utterly sick of it by week six. Repetition is key. But the best part of my new favorite music genre was the discovery of my favorite children’s song on the Music Together CD.


Repetition is key. So don’t be surprised on your next visit if you happen to hear that our donkey eats with a knife and fork.


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  1. Holly

    you’ll be happy to know I played this CD 8 times today and sang the songs OVER AND OVER until they were both like…”Really??”

  2. Joanne Hamann

    OH, I see on the corner of the book it’s my old friend Raffi. Can’t tell you how many Raffi songs I loved (endured?) during those preschool years. Janet will make a similar comment I’m sure. Nice to know that not everything has changed since 1995…

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