Lockdown Comprehension: A Review


Scene: After school discussing the active shooter lockdown “Run, Hide and Defend Drill” at the elementary school.

Search: We built a fort and then we hid behind the table and put chairs in front of the door.

Destroy: All of us hided in the bathroom.

Me: Hid.

Destroy: All of us hid in the bathroom.

Jon: Do you know what you were hiding from?

Destroy: Uhh *nothing* daddy. It was pretend.

Jon: But what were you pretending to hide from?

Search: I guess bad guys. Or the Big Bad Wolf!

Destroy: Coyotes!

Search: But don’t worry, they can’t ever get into our class. They can’t open doors.

Destroy: Unless it was a raccoon. They’re like bad guys.

Search: With hands.


May they never lose that innocence.

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