Life’s Little Miracles

They truly are life’s little miracles. (Hence the moniker: Million Dollar Miracle Muppets). Yes, it’s a commercial. But it made me smile.

Disclosure: This is a Pampers commercial. The muppets spend their days swaddled in Sesame Street Pampers Cruisers (size 3). No remuneration in the form of disposable diapers was offered for the promotion in this post.


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4 Responses to Life’s Little Miracles

  1. Gramma J

    Too bad. It would be nice to get a generous offering of diapers

  2. Winifred Ahern

    Definitely, the Muppets should be featured in a commercial — and be reimbursed by Pampers or whoever — they are so much cuter than most – absolutely photogenic material. You can bring this to their attention when they are older. G.G.

  3. Holly

    WAHHHH sob sob…you were the 3 months early, I was the ten years late. =) We also have a few adopted and special needs kids in our group for good measure.

  4. Holly

    Oh-and we currently have a surrogate in our clan also!

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