When it became clear that the muppets were not going to make their August due date, I decided a July birthday would be great. Upon my final admittance to the hospital, I had modified my expectations and was just desperate to get through May.

“June babies!” I insisted. They have to wait for June, I prayed. They are June babies.

The night of May 28, I called the NICU to see how the muppets were doing. (Since I was still recovering from the c-section I couldn’t go visit them just yet.) “This is June, I’ll be Search’s primary nurse so I’m sure we’ll get to know each other well. The boys are doing great.”

June. One of their nurses. I had prayed hard for June babies; apparently I was not specific enough.

Thanks to our team of amazing nurses – June, Anne, Margaret and Susan among them – our boys are now home. The muppets will grow up; they’re already getting bigger. But to most of our nurses, Search and Destroy will forever be tiny babies.

Once the boys grew big enough to move out of the closed isolettes, they started wearing clothes. I have always said that I will never dress my twins alike. They are not identical. They are very much two individual people. This saddened Nurse June. She was determined to see them dressed alike. For weeks she and Nurse Susan have been threatening to get little identical outfits for them and surprise me when I arrive to visit.

Well, the boys are home now – her efforts thwarted. But since fate dealt us such an ironic blow as to have June be the nurse for my May babies, the photo below is the one and only time you will see such a sight.

June, Anne, Susan, Margaret, Jennifer and the rest of the NICU team: Thank you for helping us bring our boys home.

One time only.


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4 Responses to June

  1. nicki

    all i can say is watch out you two….before you know it, the boys will form an alliance with cooper and use scout as their own personal transportation in their bid to take over the world!

    Am very happy to see the boys home….am looking forward to the utter chaos and hilarity sure to ensue!

    Congrats again

  2. Michelle

    I almost fell over when I saw the picture because you were so set on NEVER dressing them alike. But for this one time…very very cute.

  3. June

    Awww they are too cute ! I knew I would wear you down ! I think I will frame this picture and hang it in the NICU !!!!!!! 🙂 I miss the Stream Family already !!!! Love you guys like family ! See you in a couple of months at the party !

    They are the cutest muppets I know !!!!! Hugs to all of you !

  4. Joanne Hamann

    Wow, June, I can tell you’re amazing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of the whole family!

    Great Aunt Joanne

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