It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Rainbow colored icicle lights line the frame of our house. Two brightly LED-lit penguins frolic among the fallen autumn leaves in the front yard. Visitors are welcomed with a large Costco acquired plastic pine wreath affixed beside the front door.

Inside, an 8-foot fir tree stands gated, draped with silver garlands and brilliant white lights. Family ornaments hang from the top quarter of branches.

Red-lidded acrylic container boxes dot the kitchen; cardboard boxes threaten to overtake the garage. Pieces from a wood-carved nativity scene from Bethlehem are sprinkled around the house – I think we’ll eventually find baby Jesus and his manger…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Our tree in all of its farm fresh glory.

Today was the day we brought the holidays home. Jon got up early and we headed out to a Christmas tree farm with plans to cut down our own tree. I have never done this before!

We used to have a fake tree. It lived in the attic during the off-season, but it fell apart two Christmas’ ago. Last year Jon and Uncle Jeffrey went and procured the festive foliage, while I stayed home with two still very tiny muppets.

As we headed up to the mountains (or drove five minutes up a winding road just off the edge of surburbia), Jon inquired what kind of tree we should get. I paused and eyed him – was this a trick question?

Cutting it down.

“A Christmas tree,” I responded suspiciously.

We pulled up and a kid about the ripe old age of 12 pointed at a bucket of sticks, “Just grab a saw and there’s 40 acres of trees ahead.”

Because what could possibly go wrong there…

Did you know that there are all kinds of those? Noble firs, Douglas firs, Grand firs, Cypress’ and Spruces. Well, now you do. I have no idea what kind we got. It’s green.

And I cut it down! Well, Jon cut most of it, then I sawed through the last few inches while he made sure our impressive new abies procera didn’t come crashing down atop us.

We decorated the tree while the muppets napped. It went rather quickly since we only decorated the top quarter of the tree.

When Destroy woke up from his nap he pointed and squealed at the magical new development in his world.

“I am never going to sleep again. You put me down and THIS appears!”

We’ve also invested in a gate around it – which the muppets promptly began investigating for weaknesses. So far, only 4-5 ornaments have needed to be relocated from curious little hands. Having been thwarted, Destroy migrated over to his baby swing, climbed up and began swinging back and forth.

Because that’s a great idea. Again, how could that possibly go wrong. Amid the laughter coming from his father, Jon looked over at me. “Just so we’re clear – those are YOUR genes.” Destroy cackled maniacally and we heard the joints on the swing squeak in protest.

I figured we still had it pretty easy. The Bloggess has a kamikaze cat trying to take out unsuspecting revelers, and a friend (also putting up her tree to the delight of a toddler) noted, “Christmas tree has been up for an hour, cat has just thrown up pine needles and is back to eating her tree.”

We simply have two little angels bent on bringing down our pretty new tree. Over/under is three days – what’s your bet? In the meantime, I’m chilling in the living room getting completely drunk on holiday spirit and the scent of a Christmas tree.


Just so you don't feel left out - Merry Christmas from the cube, too.


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4 Responses to It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  1. Gramma j

    I am guessing Noble fir. As soon as they see you water it, the boys will know how to reach it. Love the pine smell. They are going to love it when Santa arrives.

  2. Joanne Hamann

    There – I can finally admit there is one good thing about living in Oregon – the tree farm is around the corner from us. BUT – we no longer get a fresh one because Mitch gets a sinus infection every time we do – took enough years for us to figure it out! So, enjoy for me, ok?? That is the BEST smell – and Destroy looks so cute investigating it!

  3. Winifred Ahern

    sOUNDS LIKE THE BEGINNNING OF A WONDERFUL cHrISTMAS – PINE SMELLand all. The honeys are going to love this special time Great idea putting upthe fence Enjoy! G.G.

  4. Winifred Ahern

    It sounds like the beginning of a wonderful Christmas pine smell and all – the honeys are going to love this special time. Great idea putting upthe fence Enjoy!! G.G.

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