Into the Jungle

Apparently the Double Trouble blog is suffering from a lack of photos. Unlike the April Fool’s tabloid madlib (which was great fun), we actually did have a personal paparazza on our shopping excursion. As mentioned previously, Grandma Nancy (or Meemaw Nancy if preferred) joined us on our baby stuff getting adventure – camera firmly in hand.

A sampling of the madness:

Entering Lullaby Lane and taking in all the merchandise options.

Inspecting and checking out the gliders.

Jon also enjoyed testing the rocking chairs.

Debating crib selection and double (and triple) checking pricing and safety stats.

It was a very long day. I believe Jon is multi-tasking here: looking for food, playing a game, researching the new Nerf shooter capacity and plotting how to best use said capabilities on the dogs.

Two of everything, remember?

Car seats are ready to roll. (Granted not currently properly installed.)

More photos are promised as more photo-worthy things happen.

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