Home Sweet Home (the musical)

I’m home from the hospital now. And I’m hoping to stay here for three months. I now have weekly checkups/ultrasounds scheduled for the near future – and here’s to keeping them to their one hour schedule (that last one got a wee bit too extended for my taste).

I was so excited to finally come home I found myself singing my own verse from “Home on the Range.”



(Those of you who have heard me sing are likely very appreciative right now that you’re only experiencing this in written form.)

Home, home in my house
Where the Scout and the Cooper both play
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the nurses don’t bother me all day

After approximately 24 hours of doing nothing but trying to actually get some sleep (and no panicked or emergency return trips to the hospital), I began reflecting on how lucky our immediate little family of four is to have such amazing friends and family. Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers and concerns during a very stressful time.

An Ode To Our Loved Ones:

Please sing to the tune of “A Few of My Favorite Things” because you are all our favorite people.

Mom’s who drive to the hospital in five hours flat
Husband’s who spend every bed-ridden day by my side
This is how much our twin boys are loved
This is how much friends and family care

Bright purple flowers with deliveries each day
Friends who bring Yorkshire Terriers to calm down my tears
Emails that make us all laugh ‘till we cry
This is how much friends and family care

All the thoughts and well wishes sent from afar
Visits from those who come bearing chocolates
Prayers that the twins will stay put and be fine
This is how much friends and family care

When the news is bad
When the needle pokes
When I’m terrified
I simply remember how much people care
And then I don’t feel so bad

Thank you again for all the care, concern, love and support you’ve shared.

From the legions of medical staff (and I do believe we must have met the majority of Kaiser’s maternity staff) – doctors, specialists, nurses and technicians who treated and reassured an extraordinarily nervous pair of parents-to-be, to the uniformed deputy who arrived on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department at zero dark hundred to order the twins to stay put. Among the bright beautiful flowers that brightened our sterile room(s), to the humor and laughter sent our way from afar. The twins have no reason not to hang tight and make their debut at a much (three-month) later date when all those loved ones are eagerly awaiting their healthy arrival.

Not to mention – I’m the mom. And I said so, that’s why.


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  1. Amber

    So, I am in Palm Springs. With hot, sun-kissed skin (no, I am NOT trying to rub it in, I promise), a dear friend and our two little jammie-clad boys at our sides. Toy Story 2 (Or more commonly known as “Woody and Buzz!!!”) is on the big screen, and I am lounging in the lazy boy catching up on e-mail and blogs. I read the older posts first, remembering all our texts, IM’s, phone calls and visits, during your unfair hospital stay, then I read the favorite things song. And it was over. I was crying. Real, fat tears rolling down my cheeks. Remembering the night I came to visit, how much I worried about you, and then the overwhelming wave of gratitude that you are home with babies still on the inside. Phew! Can’t wait for a mire relaxed visit when we get home. Love you and those trouble-making boys!

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