Ho Ho Holy Mother of God the Horror

So…this could have gone better.

Not so much a Santa fan.



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  1. Gramma J

    I know – we’ll have Papa Stavo dress up like Santa next year. Poor kids. Caden has certainly displayed his feelings over the years about sitting on Santa’s lap. Now Logan has joined him

  2. My hubby and I debated bringing our 16 month old to the mall for his first Santa encounter. I think your picture just nailed a big “no” to the door. Why must Santa always be so creepy? And what does he do for the rest of the year?

  3. Alissa

    That is a fabulous picture, Tricia! At least they look cute, boots and all. Not sure if we are going to try again this year with Emmarie… and Micah?

  4. Tatum

    Almost as classic as the look on the boys’ face is the look on Santa’s. He’s clearly thinking, “Dear God, what did I do to deserve this job and where is my flask” behind that forced smile. Thanks for the Sunday laugh.

  5. Maureen

    Were they fighting over who could drive the sleigh? That picture is priceless, you could not have posed anything better.

  6. Joanne Hamann

    Happy Damn Holidays!!

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  9. My son’s not a fan either! Only just this year he hugged a Santa for the first time at the Christmas tree farm!

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