Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day! This year this day has certainly taken on new meaning for me.  So, may every mother and mother-to-be have a wonderful day to remember how much you mean to your loved ones both young and old.

When I was in high school, I thought I was a grown-up.
When I was in college, I wondered when I would actually be a grown-up.
When I got a job, I though people might discover I was just playing grown-up.
When I bought a house, I wondered if I was ready to be a grown-up.
When did I realize I actually was a grown-up? The day I realized, “mom was right.”

Via my extensive observations, being a mom requires you to be a grown-up. It is all about sacrifice. I’ve been told it’s an incredible feeling that overwhelms you when you hold your new child – realizing you’d give anything for them. But let’s take a moment to remember all the much much smaller sacrifices – the ones that begin long before we meet our precious children.

  • Trading food for . . . well, anything you can stand to throw up.
  • Morning lattes for the natural exhaustion occurring in pregnancy.
  • Working (and learning) lunches for (lots of) doctors appointments.
  • Gossipy discussions for conversations about various bodily functions.
  • Dates with your husband for an early bedtime.
  • Sexy heeled shoes for a larger size in flats.
  • Long walks around the neighborhood with the pups for short runs to the bathroom.
  • A feminine strut for an adorable little waddle.
  • Workouts for weight gain (ok, this one isn’t so terrible – Jon went for a two mile run the other day; I ate an ice cream drumstick).
  • Casual dinners with friends for hospital stays.
  • Baby showers for blood draws.
  • Back massages for backaches.
  • Makeup for medications.
  • Standing upright for bedrest.

Over the years, I’m sure I’ll have many new memories to share on Mothers Day – from their first steps to the first time both kids are completely and thoroughly embarrassed by their parents (namely a mother who keeps writing about them for the world to read about).

I am in no hurry (are you listening boys), but I am, of course, excited to meet my little dudes in several months time. I hope you and all your little ones (no matter how old) are happy and healthy.

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