Halfway There

Today marks the 19th week of pregnancy. Various calendars, books, Web sites, etc all claim different weeks to be half way. I have decided to mark today as the half way point since a typical pregnancy is 40 weeks and twins are considered full term at 36 weeks. So I’ve averaged the two points.

It was a rough start. Jon commented, “You mean we now have to go through this amount of time again? Seems like we should be done now.” I concur.


Pronunciation: ˈhaf-ˈwā, ˈhäf-

Function: adjective

Date: 1694

1 : midway between two points 
2 : partial

halfway adverb

The boys are starting to kick. Ok, they’ve been kicking, but I’m starting to feel them kicking. Some research suggests that the twinkies have now reached a point where they may be able to now hear voices (I have no idea what “some research” is, so I can’t cite it for you). Nevertheless, I have commenced reading aloud and conversing with them. Out of instinctual motherly love, I shall refrain from singing a happy tunes when the mood strikes (Auntie Ivy, however, is very much on the hook for this one).

Upon further consideration, and the fact that I am no longer arfing daily, has made me realize that instead of “we’re only half way,” “we’ve made it half way!”

  • If I were running, I’d have finished a half-marathon already.
  • If I were in college, I’d have finished two of three quarters already.
  • If I had a box of See’s candy, I’d discover there is a whole additional layer of chocolaty goodness under the protective brown bubble wrap.
  • If I discovered a 50% off sale, I’d be getting a great deal on a maternity dress.
  • If I were an athlete, I’d be in the All-Star game now.

Next milestone – shopping for baby stuff. I shall be sure to update you all on the trek through that jungle.


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3 Responses to Halfway There

  1. Jon

    They have medication for hearing voices.

  2. Nana Nancy

    Does this mean I can start talking to your tummy now? Yea! xx

  3. Technically the all-stars have yet to be selected at this point…

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