Daddy’s Girl

GrampaStavo wanted a boy. I even had a name. I was going to be Daniel.

Then I was born. The nurse entered the waiting room; “You have a beautiful baby girl.” He was slightly disappointed. And then he met me.

What’s not to love? (I kid.) When my mom brought me home from the hospital, the house was decked out from top to bottom in pink streamers, while “Thank Heavens for Little Girls” played throughout the house.

My dad and I certainly had our ups and downs as I grew up. (I was not a pleasant teenager.) But in my old, grownup, parenthood age I’ve realized we often butted heads because of our similarities. Today, I’ve realized I take after my dad quite a bit. And I’m lucky to do so.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. And I can only hope the muppets inherit your strength and determination toward life. You are an inspiration to us all. I love you Daddy.

Gustavo: Ready to take the world by storm

My children will one day be mortified by this.

Back in the day

Thank Heavens for Little Girls

A dad and his daughter

Disney Dad

Flowers for my girl

All grown up

Forever your little girl

Happy Birthday GrampaStavo!

Today I am not the parent. I am just Daddy’s little girl. Because my dad is awesome.


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9 Responses to Daddy’s Girl

  1. Tricia, such a sweet post. Loved all the family photos. Happy Birthday to your dad! 🙂

  2. Great Aunt J

    Here, here!! A great post – we love you Grandpastavo!! Happy Birthday!

  3. Gramma J

    a tear , a smile , a thank you for the most wonderful famely, yes i have being bless, im a lucky DAD . ciao tutti love Gpastavo
    p.s. getting old suck big time, but considering the alternative………

  4. hahaha, love you so much Dad, happy birthday. Great post Tricia.

    ps: Wasn’t the song that was playing when you first came home: “Tanks Heaven for Little Girls”???

  5. Steph

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD-IN-LAW! Oh hell, dad. 🙂 I hope you have a great day filled with laughter and good wine – you deserve it!

    p.s. Tricia clearly loves Disneyland way more than Paul.

  6. Nancy Welker

    Great tribute Tricia. I can relate as this apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
    Happy Birthday Gustavo! Cheers to you.

  7. Dalia

    Happy Birthday Gustavo! (or should i say Bruce!)
    I have many great memories of you from growing up with Tricia!

    And Tricia- yes you do take after him in many ways!!

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