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How to Be a Superhero

As you know, the muppets lead not-so-secret lives as superheroes. Of course they have their secret identities. Don’t all the superheroes? Because really, who wants the pressure of being super all the time? (It’s hard being a million dollar miracle muppet.)

Much like the secret life of any superhero, certain situations call for the supersuit. (“Honey?! Where’s my supersuit? … Because I need it!”) And it is then that our hero perseveres – even in the face of a villain trying to thwart them of their powers. Continue reading


This is My Life

As you know, when I’m in my working mommy mode, I live the glamorous life of chic PR chick. (Ha. Ha.) Today I had an event.

In the city.

Yay. Continue reading


Muppet Shoes (Surprisingly Not a Metaphor)

Oh. My. God.

Muppet geeks can get their kicks a little greener this fall, as adidas releases its new Superstar II sneaker inspired by Kermit the Frog, the Muppets most visible front man. The Kermit the Frog – Adidas Superstar II shoes feature a white leather and patent upper, with a white toe box and green rubber outsole. Running along one of the green leather stripes are the words “The Original Hip Hop.” The shoe’s tongue hangs a version of Kermit’s fringed collar. Continue reading

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The Red Dress

I got new glasses this weekend. They’re red.

I know…Nerd Alert…But I’m kind of excited about them. I’ve always been a fan of red.

(Gimme Red! Red! I want red, there’s no substitute for red.)

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Bringing Sexy Back

I got dressed up today – well, more so than usual. It’s my birthday.

I always believed that birthdays should be one’s personal national holiday. It’s only been in recent years that I’ve stopped highlighting the calendar (now I just draw balloons.) Continue reading



Seriously? Continue reading


Three Hat Day

Today was a three hat day.

Several weeks ago I went hat shopping with a friend and purchased a lovely Easter bonnet. Shortly thereafter, I acquired an adorable black and white plaid pageboy cap to go with the muppets Sunday best.

For my baby shower (welcome home muppet shower), we got a ballcap with a sheriff badge for our little mini-mes. On Christmas, Uncle Paul and Aunt Steph presented the muppets with their very own USC Lil’ Trojan hat.

And to go with all our spiffy new hats, “Three Hat Day,” a Reading Rainbow classic, is our newest acquisition and favorite quirky love story. I’ll be sure to post pictures of us reading together in our Easter hats.

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More Carrots and Peas, Please

The carrots have been defeated.

Today was Day 2 of the solid food trials. Search opened his mouth wide and stuck his tongue straight out. “I’m waiting, Mom…” Apparently, the taste is still a bit new – it took him by surprise and yesterday’s extraordinarily concerned facial expression returned. After the wrinkled nose subsided, he swallowed, eyed me suspiciously, and opened wide again.

In honor of yesterday’s fallen bib brethren (we’re on laundry load three), we experimented with plastic big boy bibs today. The washing instructions on those directed me to simply hose them down after the battle (I paraphrase).

Destroy decided he wasn’t into eating carrots today. He requested a pass this afternoon, despite Dad’s repeated pleas. Rather, he was fascinated by his new bib and chose to chew on that instead. Search took this distraction as an opportunity to knock the jar out of my hands.

Carrots aplenty!

While I futilely attempted to scoop up the vegetable bounty, Search took the queue from his brother that the new bib may be delicious. Shortly thereafter, there were no carrot remnants left on his bib. He was a proud baby boy.

He took one last big bite, and sneezed. My little muppet shares!

Two washclothes, laundry load four running, and a brand new outfit later and we’re ready to take on tomorrow. Oatmeal breakfast (raspberries supplied by muppets) and carrots for lunch.

“Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dee
If you eat carrots you’ll grow big and see
But orange may be your color too
Like the Oompa
Oompa Loompa doompadee do”


Dirty Thirty

Today, I am 30. It feels surprisingly similar to 29.

Whoever coined the term “dirty thirty” obviously had kids – my third decade is already filled with dirt, mud, spit-up and baby poop. And it has been an amazing birthday weekend. Because this is my first birthday as a mom.

The one thing I wanted most was for G.G. to meet the muppets. So the weekend began with an auspicious start. On Sunday, the muppets had a Welcome Home shower. How many kids are lucky enough to attend their own baby shower?

I was slightly nervous about what to wear; I haven’t had many opportunities to dress up in the past six months. And since the muppets arrived, my body has decided to rearrange its weight carriage so it’s always a fun surprise to see if an outfit will fit on any given morning. I chose a little black dress – seemed safe, can’t go wrong with that. The first dress fit on the first try. Success! I matched the dress with some fabulous patent leather peep-toe pumps and completed the outfit with the Tahitian pearls Jon got for me on our honeymoon. (Little things excite me these days.)

I strutted into the nursery to make the muppets even cuter. (I know, very hard to do.) I asked the boys what they wanted to wear. The selection process was based on which outfit elicited a smile and giggle. Search picked out a pair of khaki pants with a very preppy sweater, and Destroy chose a pair of plaid overalls. We were ready to go.

I felt good. Our last attempt at a baby shower didn’t go so well. I concluded that weekend on lockdown for my final hospital stint, before we began our adventure with preemies. But this weekend, I was healthy, but so much more importantly – the muppets are healthy. Even their cold from the previous week has completely cleared up.

I scooped up Destroy and headed down the stairs. It was time to play the music, time to light the lights. Time to meet the muppets on the muppet show tonight. Search and Destroy were ready for their close-up.


No sooner did I hit the bottom step, then Destroy arfed on me. Did you know baby arf is white? And have I mentioned I’d chosen to wear a black dress? Well that was no longer going to happen. Destroy looked up at me and giggled, his outfit was still perfectly clean. I whirled around in my no longer applicable patent leather peep-toe pumps and headed back up the stairs to find outfit the second.

Once we (meaning I) had changed into a non-pukey outfit, the muppets, GrammaJ and G.G. loaded ourselves into the car and headed off to the shower. If I may take this moment to be uber shmoopy, I am really blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family who came out to a doubles-themed shower: Doublemint gum, Twix and a delicious menu with two options for every course.

Since GrammaJ and G.G. had to head back to the badlands early this morning, we decided to celebrate last night. G.G. suddenly exclaimed that she couldn’t find the gift she’d gotten me. She retraced her steps. Our black lab Scout chose that moment to slink out into the garage. Well, drat. Jon headed out after the dog, flashlight in hand, to attempt to locate whatever Scout had dragged out. We found half a bite of the card. It will certainly be an evening to remember.

My dog ate my birthday present.

I was sad to say goodbye to GrammaJ and G.G. this morning. It was a fast-paced entertaining weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present than to see G.G. enjoy muppet smiles and twin giggles.

So today, I am 30. And tonight, I will spend a very chill birthday evening surrounded by my five boys. Pure bliss… Thirty’s going to be a good year.


Mom Hair

“You have Mom hair.”

I looked at myself in my rearview mirror. It seems the ideal is for youthful long luxurious locks – then you have kids and make the move to a short, no-nonsense minivan-driving look. And I have become that mom. With Mom hair.

When the muppets were born, we bought a new car. It’s not a minivan (I drew the line at that one), but it is a three-row SUV. I laughed at myself then – I was well on my way to soccer-momdom.

During pregnancy, hormone changes cause hair to grow fuller, thicker, faster and just generally all around awesome looking. Perhaps that’s nature’s way of saying, sorry you resemble a beach ball – here’s a lovely frame for your newly full face. Sadly, I spent most of my time sporting a great mane as an accessory to a hospital gown.

I knew that my hair would start to fall out again several months after the muppets arrived. Since I’ve always had long thick hair, I thought I was prepared to deal with the inevitable shedding. But I was definitely not prepared for the actual extent of the shedding that was to occur.

One morning, four and a half months after the muppets were born, I had dragged my sleep-deprived self out of bed and was getting ready for work. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. The reflection staring back at me looked like it had a receding hairline. I brushed my hair off to the side, and brushed the thought out of my mind – obviously I was just deliriously tired.

But as I continued to get ready, I noticed my hair coming out by the handful. Strands of hair were all over the house. My desk at work was starting to look like a hair salon with clippings on the floor. I began to wonder if it was stress or lack of rest that was causing such a drastic style change.

That night was bath night. I casually asked Jon if he could tell that my hair looked a bit thinner. “Oh wow,” he commented. “Now that you point it out, I can totally see it.” I was not pleased (with the fact that it really was thinning, not that he commented on it).

Oh. My. Gosh. I stared down at my naked little man splashing around in the tub. My blood pressure started to rise a bit as I realized I was rapidly heading in the direction of matching hair styles with the fuzzy-noggined muppets.

Apparently, this is totally normal. All of my fellow mommy friends laughed at my predicament. Why did none of you warn me about this?! Each and every one pointed out that they had, in fact, told me this was going to happen. Why did none of you warn me about this in a way that made me believe you?!

I generally prefer long hair. I know Jon prefers long hair. But constantly combing out clumps of my hair was driving me slowly insane. The hair that wasn’t falling out was instead falling victim to the vice-like grips of muppet fists, which would then get ripped out if I tried to detach myself from a cuddly boy.

It was time for a drastic change. The hair was getting chopped.

For the record - my outfit was way less frumpy in person...

I think I’ll let it grow out again. When my hair decides to stay firmly put, it’s welcome to be long. Until then, I shall experiment with how to make Mom hair look stylishly chic. And I promise to stay away from the high-waist jeans.