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High School Never Ends


Have you ever wondered what the heck your preschooler is obsessing over? It may be a Disney Jr. show (and accompanying characters).

Below is a handy reference guide to the current on-demand of shows to watch ad nauseam. For adult clarification and understanding, the house of mouse offerings are categorized according to typical high school stereotypes*. Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July!

Independence Day

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A Treat: Kids Know What Makes a Hero


Father’s Day is still a month out, but the folks over at Treat put together an adorable compilation video, asking kids what makes their dad special.

Can you spot the moment that makes me tear up every time? Continue reading


Reaction to the Rain

We live in California; our golden state is known for it’s glorious sunshine and lack of rain. Except it totally does rain here.

(Born and raised in Southern California I grew accustomed to panicked news reports about The Drought, interspersed by STORM WATCH news reports of the occasional flash flood. Then I moved to Northern California just in time for El Nino and spent the winter trying to convince my college roommate that we should forgo our studies to build an ark despite the location of our dorm on the 11th floor of the building.) Continue reading

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Prematurity Awareness Month: One Day More

Prematurity Awareness

Les Miserable – a musical based on a rather morose Victor Hugo novel about a group of young idealists making one last stand at the tail end of a failed French revolution. And I’m told it apparently makes a decent movie too. (It’s on my list to see.)

I have always liked the soundtrack. And it recently it occurred to me that the song, “One Day More” – sung by the ragtag gang of doomed boys – isn’t all that far off from the fight against prematurity. Continue reading

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Bullying in Sports


Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito (left) and tackle Jonathan Martin (right) earlier this year. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Bullying is back in the news this week. Miami Dolphin offensive lineman Richie Incognito has been accused of bullying another offensive lineman on his own team, Jonathan Martin. And a cable news show panelist was blathering on about how “bullying” is something that happens in grade school.

Not so.

Then I read Hochman: It’s not being a man defending bullying in NFL, which quoted Broncos offensive lineman Winston Justice: “I’ll be honest with you, I think Martin totally overdramatized the whole thing. I mean, come on. Bullying is bad, but when you’re a 25-year-old man, it’s not bullying. Get over it.” Continue reading


A Full Day’s Worth of Reasons to Hate the Time Change


2 a.m.
A child begins stirring. You hear a scream. I NEED WATER. Minutes pass that feel like hours. You stumble from your bed – in the general direction of the bathroom, there may be a water bottle in there – and head into the wailing boy’s room. Thirst quenched, you go back to bed.

2 a.m. (An hour later)
A child begins stirring. You hear a scream. I NEED WATER. Minutes pass that feel like hours. You stumble from your bed – questioning if this is a dream or merely déjà vu.

The same witching hour is upon you once more. Continue reading

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Where Have All the Kids Gone


We wandered down the sidewalk, taking moments to break free in the late-October sunshine to play unstructured games of tag and catch on the lawn. I was watching them; I made sure no tiny person darted into the street.

The muppets were laughing uproariously. And I had a moment of eye-rolling ironic realization that we’d better get all games of tag out of our system now. Because it’s probably not going to be allowed when my boys get to elementary school. Continue reading


Mythbusters: Behind the Myths Tour

Behind the Myths

Jon and I headed out on the town Saturday night to take in dinner and a show. Because what could possibly be more romantic than a date night with Mythbusters. (Admit it – you’d be wondering if they’d blow something up on stage too.)

Are you familiar with the show? Mythbusters is a reality show that has been airing on the Discovery Channel for 11 years. Using actual science, the hosts explore popular myths (hence the name) to test the plausibility of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos and news stories. The science is real, educational, entertaining and they pretty much always blow something up. Continue reading

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The Value of Life


Fifty years ago the issue of prematurity rose to the forefront of the national conscious with the brief life of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. Born at 35 weeks, a late-term preemie who’d likely have only the briefest of NICU stints today, the first child born to a sitting U.S. president since 1893 spurred the burgeoning field of neonatology after his death at less than two days old.

This week the New York Times published an op-ed on the ethics of the heroic life-sustaining measures now available to infants at increasingly younger gestational ages. It should not surprise you that this piece sent the preemie community into a tizzy. Continue reading

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