Bathtime Linguistic Lessons

Bath Donald

Destroy: Mommy, watch! My Donald Duck dived.
Me: Good job, Donald. Good dive.
Destroy: He dived, Mommy!
Me: He dove.
Destroy: He dove? He didn’t dive?
Me: He did dive. But we say dove when he already did it.
Destroy: Oh.

Search: My guys are on boards.
Me: What letter is that board?
Me: Good job! How many “S”s do you have?
Search: Two.
Me: That’s right!
Search: And this is a A!
Destroy: Apple! A for apple!
Search: Apple!
Destroy: And bacado.
Search: No, that’s B for bear.
Me: Well honey, Destroy’s actually right. It’s avocado. But good sound listening for “B.”

Destroy: Daddy, watch my Donald dove now.
Jon: Dive. He’s going to dive.
Destroy: No. He’s doving.
Jon: Dive.
Destroy: Dove.
Jon: Tricia!
Search: No Daddy, that not Tricia. That’s Mommy.
Me: He dives, sweetie. If he jumps right now, he dives. If he jumped yesterday, he dove.
Destroy: Mommy said dove. Donald doves.


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2 Responses to Bathtime Linguistic Lessons

  1. Dalia

    Smart boys- They know Mommy is always right!!

  2. Joanne Hamann

    Nice try mommy – GG appreciates your attempts to get those irregular past tense verbs correct!

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