Actual Conversation Held Today

Twin Confusion

So this happened…

Them: Sweet, twins! Money!

Me: <sweet smile>

Them: Are they twins?

Me: Yes.



Them: They don’t look alike. Like, they don’t look identical.

Me: They’re not identical.

Them: But they’re twins?

Me: Yes, they’re fraternal twins.

Them: So…what does that mean?

Me: Basically they’re just siblings who were born at the same time.

Destroy: <complete with impressive and fully appropriate eye roll> He’s my brother.


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2 Responses to Actual Conversation Held Today

  1. I cannot even imagine the ridiculous conversations you must have on the regular because people don’t understand the simple concept of twins. My sister-in-law & brother-in-law are twins and my mother-in-law was asked more than once if they were identical.

    Also, love the gif. “Don’t Trust the B” was an amazing show!

  2. It’s important that they have the *exasperated eyeroll* ready for kindergarten.

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