A Stitch and a Prayer

Today marks four months with the muppets. And even though they’ve only been home for half that time, it’s already hard to imagine life without them.

The other day we received a box. Surprisingly, it wasn’t from diapers.com. Inside were two beautifully knitted baby blankets.

The card noted that the blankets began coming to life this past April – when I was first admitted to the hospital at 22 weeks. And with each stitch, came a prayer that the muppets would come home smart, strong, healthy boys.

As we unfolded the cozy completed blankets, they were a wonderful representation of all the thoughts and prayers directed toward the muppets during what can only be thought of as a very stressful entrance to the world.

One always has a general idea of what the completed craft will look like at the start. But there’s always the danger of a dropped stitch – sometimes what you find the finished project to be isn’t what you initially imagined, but you may just find yourself amazed at what you accomplished.

The blankets are beautiful. And much enjoyed by their little recipients. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for helping us get the muppets home.

And with that, I must sign off. Muppets are screaming. They’re on a quest to keep getting bigger by the day.


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6 Responses to A Stitch and a Prayer

  1. Gramma Janet

    Beautiful sentiments! Beautiful blankets, Joan! What a great keepsake.

  2. Winifred Ahern

    What a lovely, wonderful gift to the “Muppets” — something to be treasured. The donor’s name was not mentioned in the Blog — but thanks from all of us — it was a true “gift of love”

  3. Joanne Hamann

    who made the blankets?? They are very beautiful

  4. Joanne Hamann

    Hello yourself! I wasn’t sure if it was our cousin Joan, or some other Joan!

  5. hahahahaha, sibling fight!

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