Forever in Paradise

Uncle Paul and Aunt Stephanie are currently vacationing in paradise – also known as Hawaii. For those of you wondering about my word selection, yes, I did indeed say Aunt Stephanie.

You see, Paul and Stephanie are now engaged. [We momentarily interrupt this blog post to do a happy dance around the living room.]

My brother called me four months ago during my first hospital stint with the muppets. Jon was dealing cards for a game of Uno; I was reclined in the hospital bed and sulking. When my phone rang, I assumed my brother was calling to commiserate with my medical/pregnancy woes.

“So…don’t get too excited,” my not normally very talkative brother began. I squealed. “Steph and I are going to Hawaii for the USC/Hawaii football game. I’m thinking of proposing there.” (Leave it to the proprietor of National Tailgate to plan a proposal in paradise around a sporting event.)

I knew it. I knew it! Jon and I both have brothers. And now the muppets are going to have an aunt and I finally get my sister.

Over the past several months, I’ve listened to my brother talk out the planning process and micro-manage every minute detail of the ring and proposal event. He was focused. So yesterday (when I knew the production was scheduled to occur), I made sure to tote my phone around with me everywhere. At 8 p.m., I caved in and called Gramma J. She started to tell me that everything had gone according to plan when my call-waiting clicked through. “Gotta go, bye,” I practically hung up on her.

“Hi!” I squeaked at Steph in an abnormally high-pitched voice. I could hear her smile through the phone. “I’m going to be your sister!”


Apparently, Paul and Steph had a disagreement last week because Paul seemed so distracted. Well, now she certainly knows why.

(Disclaimer: This is not a first-hand account of the joyous event. Paul and Steph will be needed to expand upon the details.)

The two lovebirds arrived in paradise on Saturday. After spending the first night with friends, they checked into the Royal Hawaiian on Sunday. Unbeknownst to Stephanie, Paul had contacted the hotel concierge about his plans long before the trip.

At check-in, the clerk congratulated them on receiving a room upgrade. What wonderful customer service, thought Steph. They found pink rose petals strewn about the floor upon entering their quarters. Still blissfully ignorant, Steph began reflecting on how truly perfect these Pacific Islands were that they put flower petals out to greet their guests!

Lying atop a fragrant fresh lei was a letter addressed to Stephanie. Penned by Paul, I actually have no idea what it said – but I’m sure it was very romantic. When Steph looked up, Paul was down on one knee, where he asked her to spend their lives together.

Amazing. Finding your forever in paradise. (Can you tell I’m a fan of Hawaii?) Steph says she was shocked. But she said yes.

Congratulations on your engagement Paul and Stephanie. I will always remember hearing the news while holding one of your newborn nephews. And I can’t wait to have two tuxedo-clad toddlers admiring the beautiful bride on your big day.


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7 Responses to Forever in Paradise

  1. Winifred Ahern

    How romantic!!! And, so beautifully described in your Blog. The ring is gorgeous — Congratulations to the happy couple.G.G.

  2. Nancy C

    Yeah Paul and Stephanie!
    I think the word that everyone is thinking is…….Finally!
    (Many have been hoping for this for a while now).

  3. Dalia

    Wow Paul- you made two posts…Tricia must think quite highly of you!

    Congrats Paul and Steph!

  4. Joanne Hamann

    Yipeee!! I have my dress – let’s go Paul and Steph! Paul calling and giving details – WOW – who knew? Thanks for the picture of the ring – it is gorgeous – Paul gets my vote for Mr. Romantic!!!

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  6. I think this is one of my favorite posts. Love it.

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