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You may have noticed that yesterday’s post didn’t have any new photos of the muppets. That’s because there’s no way I could compete with today’s photos.

We had our first official family photo session today. We opted to forgo the hospital mugshots. 1) Because they look like baby mugshots, and 2) we’d had enough of the hospital to last a lifetime and I wasn’t terribly keen on memorializing their infanthood in a NICU isolette.

Photographer Keary Dee arrived at our house armed with camera, lenses and a giant teddy bear and our humble home was instantly transformed into a set for two adorable muppet models.

We decided to set up the shoot after seeing the amazing photos of other families. (Note: this is not a paid endorsement post.) Keary specializes in weddings, senior pictures and family portraits. Obviously, newborn twins are her cutest subjects.

These three pictures are a sneak peak of today’s session. As soon as they’re available, I’ll post the link to the final gallery. You are all welcome to ogle and/or order your very own muppet photo.

All photos courtesy of Keary Dee Photography. Eat your heart out Ann Geddes…


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7 Responses to Keary Dee Photography

  1. Winifred Ahern

    Pretty darn precious!!! Why does the one in red (this time I can’t tell them apart) look so much bigger? And, that bear is gigantic!! They are certainly being immortalized in pictures. G.G.

  2. Joanne Hamann

    Oh, I knew GG would love these! No kidding Ann Geddes – that was the first thing I thought of when I saw them. Wow, you will really treasure these. Amazing…

  3. Gramma Janet

    ok, i thought i would be the first to mention ann geddes. When does the calendar come out? I am first in line to order a ton of these! WOW

  4. Anne

    I love these pictures! Maybe we could have our volunteers start knitting these! 🙂
    Miss you all….

  5. Michelle

    Oh my god… uterus just skipped a beat. They are so so so gorgeous I almost cried.

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