Winecone Wednesday – Pickin’ Wildflowers Edition

I was perusing the Twitter to collect winecones, when I came across photo of a wild iris. (Accurately captioned that Wild Iris would be a great name for a band.)

My favorite flower is the iris. Always has been. Its vibrant contrast of purple/blue and yellow emanates happiness, and I like that it symbolizes good news and luck – two items of which I am always in need. Of course, back in the day, the French monarchy decided the flower’s trademark three petals represented faith, valor and wisdom. And then branded criminals with the fleur-de-lis – which is really neither good news nor lucky for the cattle-prodded party.

So really, it was like a royal winecone. This makes the iris even cooler.

I fell off the treadmill. Thankfully I was in the privacy of my own home, but nevertheless – seriously? Tell me that’s not fate throwing a winecone at me?


Wood rats are the new evil – squirrels get a pass. Wood rats and lemon drops are WAY more evil than squirrels with pinecones…for now. My epic weekend battle (think “300” but with just me, a wood rat and two useless pets. Dammit you are a cat and dog, you were supposed to help.)

Editor’s note: All I can picture right now is a classic episode of Tom and Jerry. Spoiler – the cat never wins. (I will go ahead and extend that logic to humans and dogs, as well.) So I’m not entirely certain how well adding a winecone to the mix is going to go. Spike the lemon drops (I’m gathering the correlation is the rat’s sweet tooth for the mentioned Lemon Drop candy delectable); drink some wine. Animate ensuing hijinks.


Loathsome Adulthood! Having responsibilities … being in control of your own destiny and all that (both a good thing and bad).

Editor’s note: And this, my friend, is the purpose of wine. The cones will fall into place as we realize we’re *all* merely pretending to be grownups who have a clue – about life, living, or what the hell a winecone is really. Those who appear the most adept are likely the ones holding on by the thinnest threads. All the world’s a stage and all…

Today, all parts of our justice system got it right – judge, detective, probation officer. Today they all worked together to successfully protect the victims, to protect children from further violence and harm. It may be a temporary save, but for once it all went right and I didn’t have to fight anyone to make it happen. I’ll cherish today.


I must, of course, give a smackaroo shout-out to Keith Anderson and his Pickin’ Wildflowers as the inspiration for today’s edition inspiration. Whatdya say we go picking wildflowers? (And here is where you listen to the song and realize, “OMG. This is about dirty things. Awesome.”

As I write this, it is raining. As a born and bred, true California girl, you may think this is miscategorized. But no, it is not a winecone. Mostly because I am not presently IN the rain. There is something to be said for the soft glow of a rainy day – one where you are inside and dry, curled up with a good book blog. It lends to the imagination for writing, every now and again.

‘Till next week, winecones and kisses!

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