Winecone Wednesday – Do Epic Shit Edition

Do Epic Shit.

Not a bad motto. I’d even venture to say all of us have experienced a burst of energy dedicated to doing just that at some point in time. A Twitter conversation later clarified that the motto should actually be, “Do Epic Shit. With More Coffee.”


So what to do? Just some epic ideas to get you started:

Seems like everyone’s got spring fever. And we’re all in desperate need of some time away from the workplace. WINE FOR EVERYONE! Also a winecone at time. It passes so quickly.


If you are going to urgently demand a meeting in which people in other countries are going to have to get up or stay up late, show up for the god damn meeting.

Editor’s note: These winecones all have clocks. No one likes meetings (although when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up and have important meetings). So new rule. If it’s not important enough for you to show up (after you demanded a meeting), you get wineconed upside the head and those left to grumble get wine. And then you lose your meeting privileges.


A winecone at the inappropriate pop-up ad that came up when I was trying to access an interactive story for my first graders on the big projector screen. A kiss to cold medicine and weekends!

Editor’s note: Wow. This is the wrong side of epic shit. This happened once in my college statistics class. Very different from first graders. The horror! Who will think of the children?! A winecone at projector’s that don’t know better. And seriously, you need a lot of wine.


If your company’s sport is seeing how fast you can tear down other departments or individuals in the co you know you’ve got probs. It’s amazing how fast a co’s culture can change when it goes from great to crap. And, how slow it is the other direction.

Editor’s note: Imagine the looks on everyone’s face when you charge the office armed with winecones. Trust me, you’ll be the office hero. Or at least find a tight survivor alliance of your own and share lots of wine.

“Preemie” it’s coming out May 29. It’s an amazing book. Review to come soon. *Teaser!* A kiss to all those brave enough to share their stories.

And those preemie twins I mentioned above? They turn two this weekend. A smackaroo to how far we’ve come. And to how much more we have still to experience. This kiss? To life. And the 100-acre wood.

‘Till next week, winecones and kisses!

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