Where I Was When I Wasn’t Here

Aside from the hospital runs to medicate the hell out of pneumonia of course… I’ve been flitting around, spreading the word that double trouble’s taking over.



ABC World News – Depression During Pregnancy

A new study out today suggests SSRIs (like the antidepressant drug Zoloft) may increase the risk of preterm birth. Well, hell.

Reporter Katie Moisse noted that she envisioned many headlines about this study would tout the danger and instill more fear in women already struggling with what to do. So she asked if I would chat with her from the perspective of a preemie mom.

I took SSRIs during my pregnancy, under the strict care of my doctor. Ultimately, we decided maternal health would be for the best benefit of all little lives involved. And although there were no studies proving Zoloft was safe during pregnancy, there were also no studies saying it wasn’t. (Heads I stay sane, tails I embrace the dark side?) Additionally, I was warned the biggest concern was during the third trimester. Well I solved that problem! I just skipped those last three months altogether!

I am happy to spread the word. I am happy to tell my story. And I am beyond thrilled that I managed to get the boys referred to as the “Muppets” in a major news article. This one is SO going in the scrapbook.

Momma Be Thy Name – Because Misery Loves Company.

Momma is a fellow twin mom, embracing the craziness and chronicling it on her blog. Today, Search and Destroy took over (much like my living room). Don’t miss today’s guest post describing the secret lives of twins.

Superheroes and Sidekicks: A Guest Post by Tricia at Stream of the Conscious

You see, Search and Destroy are superheroes. I am merely a supporting sidekick.

Proud Parent

I am a proud preemie parent. If you didn’t already know that, this is clearly the first sentence of this blog you have ever read. For two years I’ve waxed poetic on Prematurity Awareness Day – Nov. 17. This year, March 23, will be the first Parents of Preemies Day.

How could I not share the story of the Million Dollar Miracle Muppets?

You can see some of their first photos and comment on their story, among many other preemie miracles on the Parents of Preemies Facebook page.

The muppets will become a part of the Hope, Resilience & Miracles banner, which will be unveiled on Parents of Preemies Day. Who knows, we may even make it to Times Square!


Ever-Expanding Archives

Still haven’t had enough? You can always re-read page 19 of your March issue of Redbook – Things Never to Say To a Woman at 6 a.m. or remind yourself that there is an apparent link between migraines and depression (and that depression is an illness, not a personality flaw).

But don’t worry, I’ll still always be here ‘round these parts.


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2 Responses to Where I Was When I Wasn’t Here

  1. Tricia,

    I took Prozac during my last pregnancy and my youngest son was born with autism. I don’t know if it’s related – now they are saying it might be. I checked into a lawsuit, but was so put off by the firm I called that I changed my mind about even looking into it.

    We had actually thought it might be the vaccines, so we had been involved in that litigation for 10 years and then they said there was no link and then the whole SSRI thing started up.

    We’ll never know, but I really wonder if I made a mistake taking that drug while I was pregnant. I can distinctly remember asking my husband what he would do (because I wasn’t even functioning) and he said he wouldn’t take it if it was him. So helpful. But he’s never blamed me for Joey’s autism, so I appreciate that.

    I did have him two weeks before his due date and my other babies were late, so I wonder if that’s the reason he came early. Luckily, he was still considered full term.

    I guess the question is, are you done and if not, would you take SSRI’s for your own mental health if you got pregnant again? It’s walking a really fine line, treating the mom to make sure she can take care of the babies and damaging the developing babies.

  2. Steph

    You’re my hero 🙂

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