The Godfather

We got a surprise visit from the muppets’ godfather yesterday. Parker and one of his fellow seminarians were touring the California Missons.

I have known Parker since he was a wee tot. He was 3 years old – in the Big Bird Sunday School class. I was 4 – in the Cookie Monster class, but my mom taught Big Bird. (Fitting in advance of our Sesame Street themed birthday party, isn’t it?)

While most kids want nothing to do with church on a Sunday morning (excepting the promise of a sprinkled donut if we behaved of course), Parker would absolutely melt down. “I want to go back to church!!!” As we got older, many of my peers were playing with dolls or Hot Wheels (or using Hot Wheels as dolls in my case). Parker, on the other hand, was giving sermons to his Disney plush.


Last night, Parker arrived clad in a retro shirt announcing “The Muppet Show.” He entered with a smile, sharing that he had chosen that shirt specifically to come hang out with his godsons. When we toured the house, to show off the Calvin and Hobbes nursery, Parker observed that the muppets’ could use some additional plush to complement our Winnie-the-Pooh family assortment.

Now, those of you who know me, understand that this is an accurate statement under any circumstance. In addition to Pooh and pals, there is a giant grey tub holding a fuzzy assortment of turtles and Disney characters awaiting the muppets attention. Downstairs we have bunnies and pillow pals (and more turtles). There are six giant garbage bags living in GrammaJ and GrampaStavo’s garage – filled to the brim with memories from my youth.

So, it was with a giant grin that Parker marched back into our living room – arms full. Search and Destroy are the proud owners of a new stuffed Mickey, Minnie and Pluto (doggie!). Then, from a green bag featuring Kermit’s face, came small dolls of Kermie and Miss Piggy. My boys are loved.

So what did we do with our evening? Did we spend it reminiscing about years gone by? Did we hit the town to party like rock stars?

We went to Target.

Seriously, what can’t you find at Target? That store has everything! Parker’s friend needed sunscreen, I had a list of miscellaneous items I wanted to pick up for the party and the presence of our houseguests provided the perfect opportunity to acquire a comfy new air mattress? (Oxymoron? Comfy and air mattress?)

During our weekend in Carmel, I slept in the corner on an “elevated twin Aerobed.” It was shockingly comfortable – and more importantly – remained inflated throughout the entire night! I felt my friend deserved nothing less.

Once we returned, and the mattress inflated, our little family stood back to admire our handiwork. (We’d plugged the mattress in and stared at it for about three minutes.) Suddenly Jon asked, “Do you hear that?” and Parker poked at the mattress. It was hissing.

It was hissing due to the hole dead center. Back to Target.

It’s always an adventure. Back in high school, our group of friends would converge at Parker’s house and spend hours sitting in the foyer asking, “Where should we eat?” “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?” (Rinse and repeat.) So this was at least a nice change of venue.

Our visitors left this morning – missions and cathedrals awaited them. We’ll see Parker again this October when the muppets get baptized. And I can’t think of a better friend to stand up for them on that day. (Well, besides Aunt Ivy of course – she’s their godmother.)



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  1. Joanne Hamann

    Great blog!!! For those who don’t know Parker, he is the best! And I’m not surprised by his choice in baby gifts 🙂 He will be a great godfather- wish I could have been there!

  2. Winifred Ahern

    Disney lives on in the Stream household — all those wonderful toys and stuffed animals — and, having a true” Disneyite”godfather like Parker is icing on the cake. A nice surprise visit — hope the air mattress doesn’t deflate next time it’s blown up. Mine always do! G.G.

  3. Alissa

    Yay, Parker! I can’t believe he traveled… again within California (and not to a theme park). : ) I love Target, too!

  4. grandpa stavo

    as tipical italian when i think GODFATHER i visualize Marlon Brando , or Al pacino, or Robert Dinero, sorry Parker i dont see you connected to the Mafia Family ha ha ha ciao tutti love gstavo

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