TechMom Tuesday: Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Who’s the Favoritist of Them All?

I know it’s Wednesday here – but yesterday was Tuesday. So I was hanging out over at AlliOSNews – sharing my techie thoughts for the monthly TechMom Tuesday installment.



If you ever jaunt on over to Stream of the Conscious after partaking in the brilliance insane ramblings that are TechMom Tuesday, then you are aware that I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon this past weekend. (Yes, on purpose.)

To continue with our SAT level logic equation, I live in the Silicon Valley (tech geeks represent). Disneyland is in Southern California. And, as I am far too cheap to buy a plane ticket for me AND my two over-age-two children, into the car everyone was loaded and we headed south on our road trip. (Stay with me here – this is related.)

To pass the time an audio book was in order. I plugged my little iPhone that could into the auxiliary port and pressed play on Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs: A biography.” I felt it only appropriate to learn about the life of a man driven to (or inherently possessed by) insanity in his quest for perfection and desire to change the world on the very device that has truly revolutionized how we interact with our technology.

Even if mine is clinging to life by its last iLegs.

Book teaser: Were you aware Jobs’ triumphant return to Apple began with the titular role of iCEO? No joke. Interim. And all our beloved iDevices? S’because they’re interactive. The more you know. You’re welcome.

Now because my tiny people are still a wee bit small for the happiest place on earth, my toddlers were going to stay at my parents, while I journeyed down to the house of Mouse on my own. (I know what you’re thinking – how could I deprive my own flesh and blood of such wonders. But admit it, at 2-feet tall, encountering a walking/talking 5-foot rat would scare the crap out of you too. I thought so.)

So while I ran through the new Cars Land in California Adventure, alongside individuals dressed as Nemo, Dorie and Crush in neon Nikes, while being taunted by green GIs from Toy Story, my sons watched Pixar films with their grandparents – who are their most favoritist people in the world.

And it’s thanks to the culture-changing iOS that the 21st Century Walt Disney dreamed up that my kiddos can constantly keep in contact with their beloved Gramma and Papa who physically reside so far away from the Silicon Valley Apple mecca.


Every time Search sees an iPad, he will first demand, “Talk to Gramma in the box!”

Destroy will immediately begin happily chatting away, breaking into his dialogue to instruct, “Papa put on a shirt,” when his grandfather pops up on the screen after a summer swim. Occasionally he’ll also demand to see their dog. Through the iPad window, family comes to visit.

Search will generally sit quietly in my lap, head tilted, examining the electronic device in front of him. As a child of the digital age, he has an innate curiosity as to what magic allows Gramma to reside inside the shiny box.

To my children, their grandmother is the wisdom in the magic mirror. I am simply the Evil Queen refusing the advice.

So they’re spending this holiday weekend firmly ensconced in Gramma and Papa’s laps. Showing them how the Wheels on the Bus go round and round. In person.

Now that I’m down in LA and no longer relevant to the young or old people related to me, I’d love to watch some TV. If only I could figure out how to operate it….

Perhaps I should ask one of my tiny people. I bet they’ll be able to share.


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3 Responses to TechMom Tuesday: Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Who’s the Favoritist of Them All?

  1. Gramma J

    Funny how mothers are the “Evil Queen”, until they become grandmothers 🙂

  2. Joanne Hamann

    I can’t wait! – Actually, yes I can.

  3. Even at 5’8″ a giant rat would still make me nervous so I can imagine how freaked out your little people would be. Something about giant rats makes me uneasy. :/

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