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The Attention Span of a Toddler


You may have noticed that most small ones have the attention span of a newt. And although I do not deem to know precisely the intentions of the diapered hamster in my son’s brain, toddling furiously upon his wheel, I’m pretty confident in asserting the thoughts are all over the place.

So today we have a guest blog of sorts. Below is an actual conversation (monologue really) as one of everyone’s favorite muppets navigated his evening. I am not making this up. Continue reading


Stream of Conscious Sunday – Dreams

I’ve always dreamt of being a writer. And Stream of Conscious Sunday seems right up my ally – being that my own site is Stream of the Conscious.

So here goes. Five minutes of pure unadulterated rambling from yours truly. Five minutes a week of seeing how the wheels actually turn in my mind.

No filters. No edits.

Today’s prompt was dreams. Continue reading